Monday, August 31, 2009

E.L.F. Studio Angled Foundation Brush, Powder Brush and Fan Brush

I just got my E.L.F. loot from Whizdy of Girltalk. My loot includes E.L.F. Studio Powder Brush, Angled Foundation Brush and Fan Brush. I cannot wait but give a review of my haul. Though I will be giving a second round of review after I wash these brushes for perhaps 3 or 4 times. I will start by reviewing E.L.F. Studio Angled Foundation Brush.

When I ordered this one, I was actually thinking that it looks like MAC 168 because it looks the same in the photo (the difference is that MAC 168 is white and this one is black). But when I finally have it, it is indeed an angled foundation brush. It really looks like a flat foundation brush, just like E.L.F.’s foundation brush (sans the color), but the shape is slanted. The reason why I ordered this one is because I want a brush for contouring (using powder blush/bronzer). Since obviously I will not be able to use it as contouring brush for blush/bronzer, I decided to use it as, well, foundation brush with my gel foundation..

Surprisingly, I find it more efficient than my old round-edged foundation brush. With this one, I am able to reach even the corners of my face that are difficult to reach because of its angled shape. I was also able to use it as concealer brush eliminating my need for a precision concealer brush and a maximum concealer brush. This indeed simplified my foundation and concealer application.

I also tried it in applying my mineral foundation (wet application) and it works wonders, too!

Now let’s go to E.L.F.’s Powder Brush. This one is a synthetic flat top brush. I was hesitant to order this at first because I thought this is going to be a scratchy synthetic brush. But when I started using it, it is uber soft and it makes finishing powder application a lot easy. I like this more than my goat hair powder brush because this one is not scratchy at all (I will post another review after washing this bursh several times to validate its softness). The only ”con” I see with this brush is that it is not retractable and it’s a bit bulky compared to my ever reliable retractable kabuki brush.

The E.L.F. Studio Fan Brush is the last brush I was able to use from my new loot. I used this one to apply bronzer and I must say that this one is really good especially when you want to apply bronzer or blushes very lightly (in my case, I tried using G-Lish Bronzer in Caffeine Rush). This one is also good for contouring. I tried using this to contour my cheeks with Ellana Mineral Blush/Bronzer in Harmony and it really works well.

Again, these reviews are based from my initial usage of the three brushes. I will post another review once I washed these angels several times. By then, I will be able to say if these brushes are really not scratchy steals.

Hope to review other E.L.F. brushes soon!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elemente USA Liquid Smudgeproof Eyeliner

I am really an eyeliner junkie. I just love the way a simple glide of eyeliner gives definition to my eyes. It gives enough drama and perks up my face at once. I usually use the conventional pencil eyeliners. When I tried using liquid eyeliner, I was disappointed because it is very hard to apply and it gave me uber raccoon eyes (I will not mention the brand anymore, please bear with me). Then I came across with this new liquid eyeliner from Elemente USA.

Elemente USA Liquid Smudgeproof Eyeliner is a felt-tip liquid eyeliner exclusively distributed by E. Excel International. Yes, it is not readily available in department stores and beauty shops because you can only get it if you are a distributor or if you buy from a distributor. But believe me; it is really worth the hunt.

As its name implies, it is a smudgeproof liquid eyeliner that glides on easily. Application is really easy and the packaging is very handy. You can apply it thinly for a seamless effect or you can apply it thickly for more drama. I like this one because it doesn’t give me raccoon eyes. It does not sting my eyes,too! You don’t have to shake or squeeze the tube because only the right amount of product will perfectly come out of it when you swipe it.

It comes in one color only, black. But I tell you, its color is just the right intensity of black, not too intense, just black. So it gives a more natural look. It does not look like you’ve lined your eyes with black ink.

Though it’s a bit pricey (Php 1,860), a tube can last a long long time because you will need too little every application. Plus it does not dry up in the tube easily.

Sometimes when I’m just too lazy, I just swipe this on my lashline and have a nice lippie and I’m all set!

I do not use it for my waterline though because my waterline is really sensitive. So for my waterline, I use Elemente Eye & Brow Definer in Dark Brown.

NARS Orgasm VS. Lumiere’s Ditto “O” Blush

I really cannot bear it anymore. My longing for NARS Orgasm blush is really intense that finally, last Thursday, I am so lucky to get one from Rustan’s Makati. Since I will be able to get my Lumiere Ditto “O” Blush after the long weekend (because of shipping concerns), I decided I should get NARS Orgasm so that I can sleep soundly that night. This is how impulsive I am.

When I get home and tried NARS Orgasm Blush (I got the regular blush, not The Multiple) on my cheeks, I initially thought that it doesn’t show on my NC30 skin. But after blending and layering, I was able to come up with the right pinkish glow I am dying to have. One thing I just noticed is that NARS Orgasm is less pigmented and glittery than it’s The Multiple version. For that, I am certainly buying the latter one next time. Though I am more comfortable using a blush brush in applying blushes, I feel that it’s The Multiple version is more fuzz-free and easier to apply.

When I road tested NARS Orgasm in an ordinary workday, I noticed that it gets more pink and glowing as time goes by. This makes me love NARS Orgasm more.

Monday on this week, I got my online purchase of Lumiere Ditto “O” blush from . As excited as I am, I removed my existing makeup and reapplied everything, but this time using Ditto “O” as my blush. I must that this one is more pigmented than NARS Orgasm because just a little amount of it made my cheeks look like flushing hot! It also has less shimmers but more frost. When you compare the two from their own containers, they really look the same in terms of color. But when I applied it, I find Ditto “O” pink-ier than NARS Orgasm.

The verdict: If I am looking for convenience and I want a glowing shimmery effect, I will use NARS Orgasm. I like it because the packaging comes with a mirror which made touch-ups so easy. But if I want something that can give me the same flush and I have the luxury of time blending and buffing, I would choose Lumiere Ditto “O”. For its price, it’s really a great value for my well earned moolah. Both give that perfect pinkish glow which will surely brighten your face when you are too lazy to do a full makeover.

Monday, August 24, 2009

NARS Workshop at Rustan’s Heaven at the 5th

Since August 21 is a non-working holiday, I went o Rustan’s for my weekly dose of theraphy, make-up window shopping. I then remembered that Robbie, NARS’ SA in Rustan’s Makati told me that there’s a NARS workshop at 2pm that same day. Since I do not intend on buying anything for that day, I just went up at Heaven at the 5th for the workshop. We were just 10 present in the workshop and the Brand officer Pam entertained me at first. She taught me basic skin care from cleansing, toning to using a makeup primer (NARS has a nice oil-free makeup pri mer,too!). When it’s time for me to try NARS makeup, Michelle (I hope I remember the name right), the makeup artist of Laura Mercier and NARS’ consultant, took over. She recommended that i use Barcelona Oil Free Liquid Foundation in Barcelona (Php 2,550) then set it with Barcelona Powder Foundation (Php 2,750). At first i thought Barcelona is a tad dark for me but when I applied it, it’s just the right color that gives me a little tint of sunkissed look. It made my pale skin warmer a bit. She also applied concealer in Vanilla.Honey duo for my dark undereyes. Although i’m not sold at the concealer because my undereyes turned ashy in some photos.

After concealing, she proceeded with the colors. She used Kalahari Eyeshadow duo (Php 1,750) on me, as she intend to do a natural smokey-ish look. Natural because she uses browns and grays instead of blacks and silvers. Smokey-ish because of the technique she used. She also framed my face by enhancing my eyebrows with Eye Brow pencil in Ipanema (Php 1,150) which i think perfectly suits my hair color. As highlighter for my brow bone, she used the lightest shade in the Indian Summer Eyeshadow Duo. I love the way she arched my brows! It brightened my face and framed my features. She finished my eye look by lining it with Mambo Eyeliner ( a dark bronze eyeliner). I must say, this is the first time that I appreciated bronze/brown eyeliner. I always use black because some brown eyeliners makes me look like I just got out of a bad sleep. This Mambo eyeliner will definitely on my to-buy list next time.

Of course, a NARS look won’t be complete without their signature blushes. Since I told Michelle I’ve been using Orgasm for quite sometime, she used Dolce Vita Blush (Php 1,350) this time. It looks dark on the palette but when she brushed it on my cheeks, it gives me just the right glow! Oh, i am now so in-loved with all NARS items in Dolce Vita (Blush, Lipstick, lipgloss). As finishing touch, she used Bahama Velvet Matte Lip Liner and topped it with Chihuahua Lip Gloss for a little plumping effect.

I was really overwhelmed with the look she created for me so i asked Robbie to list down everything she used on me so that I can blog it out (and who knows, I might be able to buy them soon!).

After the workshop, I went around the mall and went home 4 hours after. When i got home, i rushed to the mirror to check if my makeup is still intact. And indeed, everything is still intact after 4 hours of humid exposure! Oh i am so loving NARS now, not just the blushes and the lippies. I’m starting to like even the eyeshadows and the makeup base. Plus I want to try that Velvet Matte lip Liner in Dolce Vita and Cruella! (Michelle wears Cruella then, and she is uber gorgeous with this red lippie)

Me after going around the mall for hours... Makeup still intact.

NARS Sheer Lipstick and Lipgloss in Dolce Vita

I have been reading raves about these lippies as one of bestselling ‘My Lips But Better” from NARS. As NARS website described it, it is a dusty rose sheer lipstick that flatters practically all skin tones. And I must agree, it is a very safe shade of lippie. Lately, I find myself grabbing this one more than my MAC Viva Glam VI lippie. Luckily, the one that I got comes with a lipgloss in the same shade. When I use the lipstick and lipgloss together, the staying power is uber longlasting. I use it in the morning, eat snacks by 10:30 am then lunch at 1pm, still the color is there, only the gloss was wiped away. But when I use just the lipstick, the staying power is good but there’s a need for retouch after eating. I came to realize then that it lipgloss version is more pigmented as the color stays longer when I use it without the lipstick. But the gloss is way way stickier than the lipstick, or than any other lipgloss for that matter. Perhaps that attributes to its long staying power, it sticks to your lips much.

I read in the website that Dolce Vita has the Velvet matte Lipliner version,too! I’ve tried Velvet Matte Lip Liner in Bahama, and the staying power is nice too. I think i should try Velvet Matte Lip Liner in Dolce Vita too to see if this is an equivalent of the Dolce Vita lipstick plus lipgloss in one tube.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ellana Mineral Primer/ Finishing Powder in White Chocolate Sheer Velvet

Since I’ve been hearing raves about this high definition powder from Ellana, I did not pass the opportunity to try one when I last visited their booth at SM Makati. I was about to buy the medium jar (4g jar) but the SA told me it is out of stock so I decided to get the 1g sample jar.

Oil control with product is really good but I find it too drying if I put it all over my face. So what I do is put it just on my T-zone and I leave the rest of my face with just my foundation.

I also noticed one thing when I once used it to set my MAC Studio Finish concealer for my undereyes. It makes the color of the concealer warmer, hence making it more obvious. So I did not use it as finishing powder from then on. I also noticed that when I use this as finishing powder, my foundation appears chalky instead of airbrushed.

The verdict: For a Mineral Primer, I think it is good because it effectively controls shine but I wouldn’t recommend it as a Finishing Powder because it alters the color of my makeup when ideally, it should not.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MAC Viva Glam VI

There came a time last month when I felt tired of my old pink Dior lipgloss and Burt’s Bees lip balm. It is as if one day, I woke up and suddenly I missed the warm nude lippie look. When I went out for an official business ( I work fulltime in the corporate world), I was able to pass by Marionnaud (this is my fave MAC store among others) and I asked the SA what nude lippie could she recommend. Something that I can wear everyday. She gave me the famous nude lippie “Hug Me”. I tried it and find it too light for my liking. I want something that will make my complexion look a little warm, even without using a bronzer on my cheeks. She let me try “Taupe” but I find too matte, though I know that it has nice staying power because of its pigment. Then she remembered she still has stocks of Viva Glam Series. I tried Viva Glam VI and I was inloved at it right away.

Viva Glam VI is a little warmer than Hug Me. It belongs to the “lustre’ family so it is not too opaque nor too sheer for me. It does not cracks my lips too because it has good hydrating powers! Since it is a “luster” lippie, staying power is good but not as longwearing as matte lippies. Overall, I think I will be able to finish this tube as it becomes my staple lippie. I want to try Viva Glam I (red) too but I am not sure if it is still available in Marionnaud. I hope MAC Viva Glam VI lippie will be retained in their regular line, for all eternity. =)

Elemente USA : The Power of Oxyginberry Complex

I came across a new brand or rather a repackaged brand of skin care and cosmetics line. Elemente USA is the skin care and cosmetics line of E. Excel International. It is packed with patented Oxyginberry Complex, a very unique ingredient composed of 6 potent sub-ingredients : Ginseng Berry, Cactus, Cactus Fruit, Rose, Seaweed and Grape Seed Extract. According to various reading materials I was able to read, the following are the interesting benefits of each sub-ingredient of Oxyginberry Complex:

Ginseng Berry. When applied topically, it helps increase hydration and elasticity of the skin while delaying signs of premature aging.

Cactus Fruit. An excellent source of skin nourishing nutrients such as riboflavin, vitamin A, B1, D3 and B12. Also plays a significant role in promoting cell repair and renewal.

Cactus. Known to have detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, which speeds up wound healing and improves the appearance of scars. When applied to the skin, it acts as a moisturizer and helps prevent water loss from the stratum corneum layer of the skin.

Grape Seed. A potent source of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidin), a very strong antioxidant that has 20 times more antioxidant activity than Vitamin C and has 50 times more antioxidant activity than Vitamin E. It is very effective in protecting cells against DNA damage.

Rose. Enhances beauty by lightening pigmentation for a smoother, fairer complexion. It also has high concentration of antioxidants and nutrients such as ascorbic acid, niacin, flavonoids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, E & K. It also contains 50 times more vitamin C than lemon, which enhances the body’s ability to produce collagen.

Seaweed has amazing skin rejuvenation properties and has the ability to help increase the production of integrin, a protein that helps in cell regeneration, skin repair, skin elasticity and firmness. It acts as an emollient by restoring moisture to the skin. It also has fucoidan, which promotes better blood circulation and excretion of toxins from
the skin. Its molecular weight is extremely small, which enables the nutrients to penetrate the skin easily.

Together, these 6 potent ingredients work in synergy to give a radiant, healthy, glowing skin.

I was able to try some of these products and I have my top 3 favorites: Oxyginberry Firming Essence, Foaming Mousse Cleanser and Smudgeproof Liquid Eyeliner.

I’ve tried so many facial wash, soaps, cleansers and the like but I keep coming back to Elemente USA’s Foaming Mousse Cleanser. This is a mousse cleanser that is very convenient. This is my favorite because I can use it with or without water around (of course, the product is ideally used with water). Since it is a foaming mousse, I can use it even without splashing water on my face first. I just pump an amount half of my palm and apply it on my face in circular motion. I can either rinse it off with water or when water is scarce, I can wiped it off with wet tissue or spritz with facial mist and wipe with ordinary tissue. I always bring this especially when I travel.

This Foaming Mousse Cleanser removes makeup thoroughly without over drying the skin as it balances the pH level of your skin. It can remove waterproof mascara and sunscreen too! And it won’t leave your skin feel tight or itchy. It gives me dewy skin right after I rinse or wipe it off. This one is priced at Php 2,740 for a 130 ml bottle.

Has anyone tried this, too?

Nivea Tinted Moisturizer VS. Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation

I remember my ex-boss, she always have that certain glow in her face even if we are both harassed with our toxic schedules. I asked what foundation is she using, then she told me it’s not foundation, it’s tinted moisturizer. She uses Laura Mercier. From then on, I envied her dewy, even skin, and my search for a tinted moisturizer that’s way cheaper then Laura Mercier began.

As I browse a back issue of Cosmo magazine, I saw Nivea Tinted Moisturizer. The next time I went to the mall, I got one in Tan. Though “Natural” suits my NC30 skin more, I opted to buy “Tan” because I want a bit of a sunkissed look instead of my usual pale color.

The next morning I used this tinted moisturizer instead of my usual foundation. The coverage is light to medium, depending on the amount of the product you used. I was disappointed because it has a pinkish/greyish cast on me. Luckily, my Ellana’s Oil Absorbing Finishing Powder in Almond Coffee Cream adjusted its color. Oil control is not good enough for me, too. I get oily after an hour, which means when I arrived in the office, my T-zone is shiny already, which does not happen when I use my Ellana Finishing Powder over my regular moisturizer.

Up to now, I haven’t finished the entire tube. I tried mixing it with Maybelline Clear Smooth Gel Foundation, but it doesn’t work as well.

Then I saw Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation in another issue of Cosmo. Luckily, when I went to Landmark, it was on 50% off. So I grabbed one and another OTE Normal for my aunt.

The next day, I used it as my foundation then set with my finishing powder. The coverage is very light. I remember when I first tested this product in Watsons way back in April 2009, there is no coverage at all. But this one has a light coverage. It looks like well, a foundation. It adapts to any skin tone so there is no pink or gray cast. But coverage as I said is light. So if your goal is to even out blemishes or sun spots, it won’t do the trick. Oil control is way way better than Nivea, but I still got oily around 2pm.

The verdict: Between Nivea and Olay Total Effects, I’d choose OTE. Perhaps I can use it during the cold days of December, when it is not too humid. I think I must try the oil-free tinted moisturizers in the market like Laura Mercier’s and Stila. I went to Stila yesterday and tried the tinted moisturizer. It looks really promising. Will post a review soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ellana Mineral Blush in Obsession

Without flash

With flash

Since I was really struggling hard not to buy NARS The Multiple in Orgasm last Saturday, I ended up searching for dupes of this ever famous blush. Since I was on my way to the supermarket too, I came across the Ellana booth in SM Makati. I swatched Ellana Mineral Blush in Fulfillment(one of my old time favorites) at the back of my hands and I find it too light compared to NARS Orgasm. I tried Flirtation and I saw that there is a blue undertone in it so it is not a good match, too. Then I ended up with Obsession, a raspberry pink blush with shimmer. When I swatched it at the back of my other hand, it looks close to NARS Orgasm, so I bought a sample jar.

When I went home, I tested it on my cheeks using Suesh powder brush. Then I realized that it is a tad more intense than NARS Orgasm because it is a brighter pink. The shimmers are not too obvious like Orgasm. I was a bit disappointed because I really like the glowing effect the shimmers in Orgasm gives my face. Then I remember I have Bare Escentuals Bare Radiance Face Color. I swiped a very minimal amount of this shimmery face color at the apples of my cheeks. The effect is nice but didn’t achieve the Orgasm-ish look I am really dying to achieve. I heard Lumiere’s Ditto “O’ and Fanny Serrano’s Silky Coral is also a nice NARS “O” dupe. Oh, how could I forget The Balm’s Hot Mama and ELF’s Blush in Glow. Will try these dupes soon and give a review. Oh I wish I could still bear resisting NARS The Multiple until I found a perfect dupe.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW30

At last! My search for my HG undereye concealer is over. MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW30 works wonders on my big dark undereye circles. When I went to MAC about a week ago to get my Viva Glam VI lippie, I tested the Studio Fix Foundation in NC30 and Studio Finish Concealer in NC30 and NW25. The SA back then was a bit clueless on what concealer shade would suit me. She tried NW25 and I find it a tad light for my undereyes. It makes it look more obvious. She tested NC30 on my left eye and at first, I liked the results. But when I turned around to face natural light, it looks grayish on me, thus, highlighting my undereyes, too. I didn’t buy the concealer then. Instead, I just grabbed my Viva Glam VI and went home.

I went again to Marionnaud in Mall of Asia last Friday and this time, a different SA assisted me. When I asked about what shade of concealer will hide my dark undereyes, she grabbed a pot of NW 25 and NW30. We tested NW25 first and it was too light, layered or not. When she put NW30 on me, I was amazed because it really hides my dark circles in just a few layers. So I did not hesitate to grab one.

When I came home, I tried applying it using my Suesh eyeshadow brush (since my concealer brush I ordered online hasn’t arrived yet). I faced the mirror and swipe some on my dark circles and I was really astonished to see that my dark circles vanished instantly! It was as if I am doing copy-paste from Adobe Photoshop. The shade is so right that I cannot even distinguished where the line ends (I haven’t blended the edges yet).
Left: with concealer
Right: without concealer

The texture is creamy but not oily and the coverage is fantastic! Less is more with this concealer so you just need a dab and you are all set. I think this small pot will last a year on me. Even if I wear it for a whole day at work, it’s still intact. I even tried to put this concealer on top of Ellana’s Color Corrector in Innocence (the green one) to hide the red zits I had over the weekend. And I must say it really conceals well. But when I tried to set it with Ellana’s Sheer Velvet High Definition Powder in White Chocolate, the color turned warmer and it didn’t look good so I erased it again with a wet tissue and reapply the concealer then set it with my E.L.F. Mineral Foundation in Light. This technique is what I now use everyday.Closeup Left Eye with MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW30

Closeup Right Eye without concealer

I am so in-love with this concealer now but I can’t wait to lay my hands on MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer which has so many nice reviews from other beauty enthusiasts. More beauty finds soon!

Edit (September 15, 2011): I have finished the entire pot after 2 years. 


Color- effectively cancels out my dark under eye circles. Needs a yellow toned powder to balance the pinkish tone

Coverage - medium to full coverage

Consistency - creamy and thick so it creases on my undereyes if applied without an eye cream.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SkinFood Salmon Brightening Eye Serum & Cream

My biggest problem aside from stretch marks is my dark undereyes. Even if I sleep a lot, still, my eyes looks like those of a panda. Perhaps this is because I always scratch my eyes when I take off my contact lenses. That’s why I am in the search for an effective eye treatment, before I desperately call for a miracle.

When I went to SF to try some BB creams way back in July, the SA noticed my dark underyes, too. She recommended that I use their new line of products specifically designed for the eyes, the SF Salmon line. She gave me the SF Salmon Eye Brightening Serum and SF Salmon Eye Brightening Cream. She also applied the SF Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream on me but I was not able to evaluate it because my focus that time was the BB cream. Anyways, I will just go and check this concealer again when I get back as I am hearing nice reviews about it.

SF Salmon Eye Brightening Serum

This eye serum glides on easily on my eyes. It is not sticky at all. However, after a few hours, I feel a sting in my eyes. After a weeks use, I haven’t seen any changes.

SF Salmon Eye Brigthening Cream

This one is a little sticky for me. Though the creamy formulation is not that thick, I find it heavy for my eyelids. It stings my eyes, too!

The search for my perfect eye cream continues…

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SkinFood Agave Cactus Toner, Serum and Cream

I got my SkinFood Agave Cactus sampler set last Monday from their Glorietta 3 branch. I was so excited to try this line because I read much good stuff about cactus and its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. So here it goes.:

SkinFood Agave Cactus Toner

After I washed my face with my regular facial wash, I applied SF Agave Cactus Toner generously on my face because I was afraid that the toner might dry up in its sachet if I will not consume all of its contents. The toner is indeed hydrating but I find it a bit sticky for a liquid product. The consistency is that of water but the feel is that of water with a little oil. I wouldn’t recommend using it in the daytime, especially if you have combination to oily skin because it tends to make your skin oily in the mid day. It is okay if you’ll use it at night for that dewy skin the next morning. SF Agave Line is designed for sensitive and dry skin that’s why it didn’t work well with my combination skin, at least for the toner.

SkinFood Agave Cactus Serum

I was confused when I opened the serum and the cream. The serum looks like a cream and the cream looks like the serum. Anyways, the serum is also a bit sticky for me. I am a fan of serums because it makes my skin dewy without the heavy feel like what I usually encounter with creams. But this one, I am not that satisfied. Perhaps it will really work better for dry skin.

SkinFood Agave Cactus Cream

Of all the three items in the sample set, this is the one that I like most. And I was surprised that aside from Laneige Water Bank Cream2_EX, this is another cream that pleased me. It is very light and not sticky at all. I recommend using it at night to have a dewy skin in the morning. I tried using this during daytime but then, I became oily in the afternoon. Too much hydrating power I guess. Really perfect for dry skin.

I also tried the SF Agave Cactus BB Cream in Shade 2. I just swatched it in my hands so I do not have a review yet. I will try it on my whole face next time I visit SF and post my review soon. Watch out!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Laneige: The Secret of Snow Crystal

Laneige at Trinoma

Finally, I was able to go to Laneige in Trinoma last Friday and I must say I was really overwhelmed. Grace, the beauty consultant who assisted me is really accommodating and nice. She even did a full makeover on me. So let’s dig in more about the products I’ve tried.

Laneige Creamy Emulsion

Since I was wearing makeup (I’m on smokey eyes mode that time), Grace removed my makeup using Laneige Creamy Emulsion. It’s a makeup remover in a pump bottle that’s good for all skin types. It’s more of a pre-cleanser for me. And I must say it really removes makeup gently without a sting. And it’s very convenient because you do not have to rinse it with water. Just wipe it off with a cotton pad and you’re all set! Plus it does not dries up my skin leaving it supple and moisturized. For Php 1,100 (100ml), this one is a good substitute for Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, at least for me.

Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof

My liquid eyeliner is a smudgeproof one and is really stubborn to take off. Grace decided then to use Laneige Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof to get rid of it. Again, I was pleased with this cleanser as it gently removes stubborn makeup without the fuzz. It does not have the chemical-infused smell that I usually smell with other eye & lip makeup removers. It’s a bit pricey for me,though. Php 850 for a 150ml bottle.

Snow Crystal Dual Foundation #31 Brown Beige

Since I am NC30 in MAC, Laneige’s equivalent is #31 Brown Beige. This is a good dual foundation because it has liquid foundie and creamy concealer in one bottle. The packaging itself amazes me as it is very convenient and hygienic. You will only expose the amount of foundation you need making it less prone to contamination.The coverage is light to medium but buildable. It has a lightweight feel. The concealer was able to cover the dark circles around my eyes though I must say it’s not long-wearing. The foundation lacks oil control for me as I see sheen on my T-zone in the afternoon (I was at Laneige during lunchtime). Php 1,800 for a 30ml.

She applied the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation with a foundation brush (Php 1,450) that’s so soft. It’s not scratchy at all. How I wish they also have a stippling brush or a dual fiber brush like MAC and its more affordable version, Charm and Suesh.

Satin Finish Loose Powder

Grace set the foundation with loose powder and pat some powder under my eyes because she was about to create back my smoky eye makeup. The Satin Finish Loose Powder has a very innovative and convenient packaging. Forgive my innocence, but this is the first time I encountered a loose powder that has a compact mirror lid (just like pressed powders!). For me, this gives this loose powder added points! So whether you’ll retouch in your car or elsewhere, you don’t have to look for a separate mirror. Just click open and retouch! Plus, Grace told me that their makeup is made of minerals (Oh, God knows how I adore mineral makeup). It also has SPF 25/PA++ so no worries about sun protection for everyday use. Their powder brush is also a large brush that’s way too soft and won’t scratch delicate skin.

Next time I go there, I will try the Snow Crystal Sliding Pact EX. The packaging is really enticing and glamorous; I hope the effect is impressive too.

Natural Brow Liner in Brown Beige

This brow definer glides easily, easy to blend and very pigmented. Just a few feathery strokes and voila! I do not have the perfect arch, but this one enhanced my eyebrows with a very natural look. The formula is a mix of cream & thick mousse in a pencil. Also, it is retractable so there’s no need to sharpen every now and then.

Moisture Lipstick in LR01

Their Moisture Lipstick has a selected number of shades. The one that I’ve triede is the Moisture Lipstick in LR01, the color is almost comparable to MAC’s Hug Me and Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Buff. The moisturizing effect keeps your lips supple and prevents chapping. I can compare its hydrating power more to MAC’s Hug Me, but its staying power is comparable to Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Buff. It must be the formulation or the shade, I do not know. I will try other shades next time!

Sheer Lipgloss in LR

This one is very nice. It is not sticky and can be worn with practicall

y any shade of lipstick. You can even wear it alone! Plus the shimmers are very tiny which adds plump to your lips.

Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

This one I must say is on top of my wishlist as of the moment. It exfoliates dead skin cells deeply but does not make your skin reddish of irritation. It’s a milder version of microdermabrasion. I also tried their Vitamin C booster prior to application of Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. The booster too is a must try. It really promotes better

exfoliation while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Water Bank Hydro Gel

I’m a big fan of gel/water-based moisturizers. My skin breaks out when I’m using cream. The thicker the cream gets, the more zits I have. That’s why I am in the search for a perfect hydrating moisturizer that’s water-based, very lightweight and most of all nourishing. Well, finally I think I found a candidate. It’s very lightweight, just like water that keeps skin supple. I did not feel any greasiness with this one, just enough hydration. It gives your skin a dewy effect. It’s gentle but tough as the cliché goes. This is another mu

st buy for me. On my next visit I will try the Water Bank Essence EX and Water Sleeping Pack.

This brand really looks promising. Their skin care and makeup is designed for Asian skin, which is a plus. I’m really getting addicted with Laneige especially with their water-based skin care products. I was delighted to see that even their cream moisturizers are very light, it looks like water, too! Plus the beauty consultants are very nice. They even give away samples when you purchase some items.

Next visit, I will try their Pore Tightening Essence, sun care products, Cleansing Oils and Snow Crystal Sliding Pact. Oh and how can I forget my favorite line, Water Bank!

More reviews of Laneige soon!