Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charles & Keith Pink Sexy Shoes

There are only three things I really splurge on. I really don’t mind spending for sumptuous food. I also have weird cravings most of the time and when cravings hit me, I really go out of my way to satisfy it.

Second, I really invest on good makeup and skin care. Makeup is one thing that can really make my day no matter how down am I. For me, I can skip on expensive clothes but I cannot pass on a really nice blush or lippie. Skin care and makeup touches and penetrate my skin, the clothes will just linger and go out of style in time. But don’t get me wrong. I just do not prioritize clothes; or rather I just won’t choose clothes over makeup. I have nothing against the clothes/wardrobe enthusiasts. I also like clothes, but just the classic pieces. Like LBD’s, unique cuts, polo shirts, denim pants. I am not into prints by the way. I love solid colors. It is so ironic that aside from black, all the rest of the colors inside my closet are vavavooom loud colors like fuschia, canary yellow and purple.

The reason why I like LBD’s or classic ensembles is because of my third fetish- Shoes. If makeup makes my day, a nice pair of shoes put me into cloud nine. And now meet my new baby:

Yesterday, I was looking for a nice pair of shoes to match my new asymmetric dress from Ilaya. I will be wearing these on our Hollywood Glitz & Glamour Party on Dec. 19. Yes, you guess it right. The dress I was referring to is an LBD again. Just so I can really play with shoes and makeup and pull off that red carpet look.
I love love love the color of my new sexy sandals from Charles & Keith! And I got it for only Php 1,799! I was originally thinking of getting a nice gladiator pair from Renegade folk or Possibility at The Ramp but when I saw these, OMG! Can’t help but get it.
Plus, these pair is so comfy that I do not feel I am wearing 3-inch heels at all!
Next target: A chic bootie and a nice embellished flats.

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