Friday, January 1, 2010

The best gifts I received this holiday 2009: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and 2010 Belle de Jour Planner

The year 2009 has been a tough year for me. I was born at the year of the Ox, and predictions for me for the year 2009 is quite not good. Some says it’s gonna be a year of hardwork for me. And I must say it’s true! I’ve been working big time last year! Though there’s no big time financial gain for me last year, I was able to enjoy many perks with my job. Free spa treatments, haircuts, facial and diamond peels, coffee and lucky as I am, I even enjoyed a free trip with all expenses paid accommodation and lodging at Marco Polo Cebu because of my job. Oh, how can I forget, I started the year with a free Sony Cybershot camera that I got from our 2008’s Christmas Party. I am so blessed!!! But nothing beats my joy from receiving simple gifts from special people in my life. This holiday season, the very first thing I received was a 2010 Belle de Jour Planner from my hubby. Yipee!!! Discounts galore again! Actually, i already ordered one when I discovered that he secretly ordered one for me. When I told him I was about to pay the one I ordered, he had no choice but to spoil his surprise and told me about it. Hurray!

What I am so excited most about this year’s BDJ planner is the discount coupon for Barre3 studio at The Spa. I read in one foreign magazine that Barre3 is Sarah Jessica Parker’s secret to a lean physique. Plus, the marriage of yoga, pilates and ballet at a studio within a spa is love song to my ears.

Also, I am so excited with the discount coupon from The Spa and other salons. Too bad, there is no Charles and Keith coupon this year but i guess I will find nice shoes with the various shoes discount coupons inside BDJ. But wait there’s more! There’s another Suesh and The Ramp coupon inside! Not to mention that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has lot of coupons again this year. Though I liked the CBTL coupons better last year.

The next best gift I received this holiday season is Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual I got from Tita Lei (Tita Lei, thank you soooooooooo much!). I’ve been trying to locate this book but it was always out of stock.

The book teaches makeup principles in a very digestible way. There are illustrations and instructions that are so easy to follow. I think this book inspires me more to take formal classes in makeup artistry (so help me God!). I wanna go to makeup school...plsplspls...

Also, my thirst for Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Pot Rouge heightened as I browse the book because here in this manual, most of the models wear Pale Pink blush and Lippie (or at least I think it is). I hope BB brings back this goddess shade of a pot rouge!

Oh well, what a way to end 2009 and start 2010 with these gifts!!! Hooopsss... I forgot to mention, I won another Canon ixus camera last Christmas Party. Hurray!

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