Friday, January 1, 2010

Click on the photo above to see the mechanics of herroyalbleakness and babyjap's adopt a bb cream contest.

I wanna try this ever since the BB Cream craze started because I am a big fan of waterbased/gel-based products. I find other BB cream too thick and rich for my skin. Also, since Missha is only available here in the Philippines through online sellers, I am hesitant to purchase it because I am afraid that it might not work for me and the price is not that cheap huh.

I would be very glad also to share this with my kikay friends for them to try the wonders of BB creams.


  1. Thanks for joining sis! The entries are trickling in so there's a big chance that you get to bring this baby home :)

    btw, which SA assisted you sa MAC when you bought your HG concealer? :)

  2. naku sis, I can't remember na but I got it from MAC in Marionnaud...the long haired fair skinned girl really bad at names...why sis?

  3. nah, it's okay. para lang alam ko whom to look for in any case i drop by marionnaud :D andami kasi SA's na nagmamagaling kahit sa MAC, e, obvious na obvious namang di mo shade... sigh.