Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Review: Instyle Secrets of Style

Way back when I was still a trainer, I always hear my colleague say "Walk the talk". This simply means whatever we preach, we have to make sure that the people around us sees us doing the same. So when I conduct Beauty Discovery Workshops, I see to it that, I myself is decently beautiful, with makeup properly applied on and with appropriate wardrobe.

I was also sent to John Robert Powers to sit in one of their imaging workshops (thanks to Yvette Manale of JRP Makati). There, I listened thoroughly to Miss Marysyll Pengson, a model and image conslutant. She talked about the elements of style and all other the things one should consider when dressing up. After the 2-day class, I told myself, I shouldn't stop there. So I tried doing my own research. There I came across the book - Instyle: Secrets of Style.
I love shopping for clothes and shoes and bags and accessories. But i still wonder why there are so many instances when I face my closet and feel I have nothing to wear. As I browsed this book, you will learn which pieces to keep and which ones to toss. You will also learn the concept of COST per WEAR, which will make you realize that indeed, you should be investing in classic pieces like plain shirts, classic suits, little black dresses and denims.
The book also advocates having your own signature style, like Coco Channel with her strands of pearls or Victoria Beckham with her killer stilettos. Whatever your chosen style is, make sure you are comfortable with it and have the guts to pull it off. One must remember, style always works hand in hand with attitude. If you are too timid, then do not wear a red suit which is too fierce.

Here in this book, I also learned about flattery, fit and hang of different clothes like sheath dresses, skirts, pants, etc.

As I am also a big fan of sarongs and shawls, this section became one of my favorites. This teaches you how to tie your wraps in different stylish ways.

Your spectacles also plays a part in your overall get up. It is part of the package so make sure you know what fits your facial shape.

And of course, what is a nice dress without a stylish pair of shoes? As Victoria Beckham said "wear classics so you can satisfy your fetish, in my case, its shoes."

I also have the other Instyle book (Getting Gorgeous) which is about hair and makeup which I shall be reviewing next.

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  1. This looks like a really good straightfoward book.

    Thanks for sharing.