Saturday, February 26, 2011

JolliJam Arts Center

JolliJam Arts Center is nestled infront of the famous Salcedo Market (in Salcedo Park). It offers dance classes like belly dancing, pole dancing, hip hop, jazz, Vegas striptease, zumba and ballet. It also offers art classes, through Global Art.

Since I am sure I cannot do Jazz and HipHop very well, I tried belly dancing, pole dancing beginners and Zumba.

Belly Dancing - I was so lucky to have one of the best belly dancing instructors in town, Lala Ilao-Dinglasan. Yes, she is the one you often see on TV, belly dancing even when she is pregnant. I must say she is really good and I really enjoyed the class. After an hour of belly dancing, I felt like I burned tons of belly fat. It is a combination of hip movements, arm works, and a lot of belly jiggling stints.

Pole Dancing for Beginners - This kind of dance is really not for me. I have weak arms, and my body weight is on the heavy side. I cannot even lift my body to do a spin! So after the session, I salute all pole dancers out there!

Zumba - I've been hearing raves about this so when I learned that JolliJam Arts Center is offering this as well, I registered and tried it out. I must say, I am expecting more from this class. The one they offer is somewhat different from Zumba videos I saw online. It is also different from the one I saw on TV earlier (the one being offered by Arts in the City in Taguig). I also feel that the time is consumed mostly of warm up and cool down routines so little time is alloted for Zumba itself.

Their studio looks like this (above)

They also have limited shower rooms and I think there's something wrong with their plumbing as the cubicle becomes flooded after you take a shower. I know this is something they can improve on.

JolliJam Arts Center is located at 2/F Three Salcedo Place Bldg., 123 Tordesillas St. Salcedo Village, Makati City. You may reach them at 3926220. Check them out at

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