Monday, August 8, 2011

Anatomy of a Makeup Brush

 Makeup brushes are essential tools for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. A makeup artist’s stash for instance is more often than not, 40% composed of a variety of brushes. Some people might not understand why these goodies are considered an investment. For some, a brush is nothing but a couple of tapered strands with a long handle. But for those who eat lipstick for breakfast, a makeup brush deserves a spot in the pedestal. But how do we choose the right brush?

Before you buy a brush, evaluate if it is a worth-while investment. Assess the quality of the brush by running your fingers through the bristles. It should be a soft as baby bottom. Remember that these brushes will touch your face, or in some cases, others’ faces, so it should be soft enough not to cause any irritation. 

You should also know the parts of a makeup brush: bristle, ferrule and handle.

The bristles may be natural or synthetic. Natural bristles like goat, squirrel, pony and sable are very soft and are perfect for blending. Brushes with natural bristles are best for applying powder-based products like blush, powder and eye shadow. Price of brushes with natural hair may be costly, but they are worth the penny. However, there are brands that are affordable, yet maintaining quality like Suesh Ultra Luxe Set that are made from fine blue squirrel hair, the softest bristles you could find in the market. 

On the other hand, synthetic bristles are best used with creamy products like foundation, concealers, lip colors and gel liners.

The ferrule is what connects the bristles to the handle. When you clean your brushes, make sure to run the bristles with running water from the middle of the ferrule up to the bristles. Do not let water run in the center part of the bristles where water will seep through the ferrule as this will cause separation between the two parts.

The handle should be as special as the two parts. Birch wood is better for its durability. If you want brushes for keeps, make sure the handles are tough as well. 

With these in mind, who could says good brushes are hard to find?

Suesh Ultra Luxe Set
Made from fine blue squirrel hair, the softest in the market. 
Handles are made of birch wood

 1. Powder Brush
2. Blush Brush
3. Foundation Brush
4. Large Eyeshadow Brush
5. Small Eyeshadow Brush
6. Blending Brush
7. Crease Brush
8. Lip/Concealer Brush
9. Liner Brush
10. Mascara Wand

Will post a detailed review and brush usage article soon!

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