Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Baby: A Traincase Story

I've been wanting to study Professional Makeup Artistry. I always inquire. I collect makeups and brushes, even makeup books. But I can't seem to find a right time to finally enroll in a Makeup School. I always feel that I do not have enough makeup stash yet, and I cannot afford to buy all the tools and stuff needed for the class all at the same time. So little by little, I invest on makeup and tools. And just recently, my beloved hubby gave this to me:

My first ever traincase! Finding this one entailed me to do rigorous research. I read blogs and forums to see where I can buy an affordable traincase that's not too small nor too gigantic.

Thanks to thebeautyaddict, askmewhats and of course, Girtalk. I was able to find where I can buy a traincase. We went to Manila City Plaza, a building near Quiapo church. If you will take the LRT, alight at Carriedo station. walk towards the church and you will see the building before you enter the church's premises. It has Jollibee at the 3rd floor that's visible from the street.

Off to the 3rd floor, we saw 2 stores selling traincases and other salon supplies. I went around a corner near Jollibee and that's where I found this baby. The other one is the one you will see in front of the  escalator upon going up. 

Published price is at Php 1,500 but you can haggle it for php 1,200. Two colors are available, silver and black. I chose black because it's less prone to dirt and scratches.

 It has 8 trays, 4 in each sides. The bottom part can contain your brushes or bigger palettes. The trays are lined with acetate for easier maintenance. It also has a lock.


Here's my makeup collection. Sorry for the resolution, as my daugther keeps on bugging me while doing this shot. She wants to "climb the stairs" of my new traincase. =)
They also sell bigger traincases like the one I saw in IamSutil's blog. Price is at Php 3,500 but you can haggle it for Php 3,000. They also have director's chair, traincases with lights, curling irons, palettes, etc. 

Next project, a good set of brushes and finally enroll in a Makeup Class. Maquillage Professional perhaps?


  1. Oh gosh. I want! Thanks for the info on where you can buy this. My traincase is so small and I need a bigger one. By the way, you have lotsa makeup, nice collection. :)

  2. Thanks pammy. U have more mukaps than I do =) They have a bigger one, around 3.5k with trolley. the one without trolley is 2k, but haggle it like p1.5 or 1.7k because the other store sells it at p1.7k.

  3. wow very nice traincase.....I want that too.....Thank you, now I know where to buy....Where are you going to learn make up??? Please help me, I also want to join some workshops.....hopefully they have Saturday classes....

  4. i'm eyeing Maquillage Professional (makeup forever). i hope i can enrol this year

  5. That's a very pretty train case! I've been searching for an affordable but elegant looking one and now I know where to find it. I just need to hunt that place..hehe I'm just beginning on my make up collections but I want my "babies" to be placed in a good storage. Thanks for sharing!=)