Friday, August 26, 2011

Product Spotlight: Ellana Minerals Eye Primer

 I've been curious why people are going crazy over the latest eye primer in the market. In fact, I do not see the need for a separate primer for the eyes as i have a face primer already. But this has changed when I tried, out of curiosity, an eye primer - Ellana Mineral Eye Primer, to be precise.

As written at the bottom of the jar, it is supposed to make eyeshadows more intense and prevent it from creasing. True enough, when I used this beneath one of my powdery eyeshadows, it did the trick! It kept my e/s from creasing and it somehow intensified its color.

Ellane Minerals Eye Primer is a cream-based primer that I almost thought it's a concealer. However, when I tried using my concealer brush to apply it, it won't cling on my brush! So, I just used my fingers and voila, I was able to apply and blend it properly.

I think this tub will last a long time because I only need a small amount for my lids. 

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