Saturday, August 27, 2011

Product Spotlight: Fanny Serrano Hair Strengthening Treatment Hair Fall Control

 Remember my post on Amla Oil where I expressed my frustration in finding a hair treatment that has hair fall control? Yes, Amla oil did the trick. It strengthened my hair and made it bouncy. However, I find it hard to apply the oil on a daily basis as I am too tired and lazy already when I get home from work. Also, there are times that I don't want its earthy smell. So I continued to research on products that might help address my hair fall concern.

While I was in SM Makati, I saw Fanny Serrano Hair Strengthening Treatment Hair Fall Control. After reading the label, and given that it is under Fanny Serrano's name, I thought this is promising. So I got one tub and tried it out.

The label says if your hair is slightly damaged to normal, use the product once a week. But if your hair is severely damaged due to perming, straightening and coloring, use this 3 days in a row and every 7 days thereafter. Lo and behold, I categorized my hair as severely damaged and follow the appropriate instruction. 

On the first day, I noticed that it somehow tamed my frizzy hair, not to mention that the scent really caught my attention as it smells citrusy and fresh. The scent lasted the whole day.

On the second day, I observed that there really is an improvement on my hair in terms of hair fall control as I closely watch my hair brush each time I comb my hair. Hmmm, promising.

On the third day, my hair became shinier but I also noticed that it lacks volume. 

On the fourth day, I tried to stop and use my ordinary conditioner. Though my hair was not as shiny and bouncy as when I use this hair treatment, I really noticed that fewer and fewer strands of hair is left on my hair brush each time I comb. I am now on the third week of using this (following the same regimen) and I must say, it really improved the texture of my hair. I noticed that when I ran my fingers through my hair, it doesn't feel as rough as before. So perhaps, it really helps reconstruct my hair to avoid breakage and hair fall.

And it's affordable at less than P150. Kudos to TF! 

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  1. Wow! That sparked my interest. I wonder if this is ok for breastfeeding women? =)