Friday, September 23, 2011

Product Spotlight: Colour Collection Mineral Lipstick with SPF 15

I have been hooked on pink lipsticks for quite sometime now and when I looked at my stash recently to find something not pink, I was surprised to see that I only own a few reds, corals and nudes. So I thought it's about time to get out of my "pink" lipstick comfort zone and try other shades. 

Coincidentally, I received this Colour Collection Mineral Makeup line loot last week. To my surprise, the loot contains 5 mineral lipsticks, 2 powder foundations, a BB cream, a blush duo and an eyeshadow quad. What a loot! And you guessed it right, I grabbed the lippies first! So here's my review.

The word "mineral" itself made these lippies enticing for me. When I worked as a trainer for a skin care and cosmetics line, I did a lot of research on lipsticks and the toxic ingredients it usually have (does lead ring a bell?). From those research that I have read, it is proven that not only cheap lipsticks contain lead. You may be surprised that even lipsticks of high-end and known brands contain lead. I need not mention those brands. Though some may argue that all lipsticks have lead, and that they just vary in intensity, I still feel the need to be cautious. Thus, when I look for lipsticks, I read the labels. Since mineral lipsticks boast of having all-natural ingredients, it may have lead but I am pretty sure that the amount of lead is insignificant to cause you trouble.

Luckily, for us here in the Philippines, local brands like Colour Collection continues to improve their line of products. Their mineral makeup line is not only less harsh to one's skin, but also affordable and conveniently available.

I was able to try Colour Collection Mineral Lipsticks in Satin Shell, Plumberry, Creamy Coral, Brick Rose ans Smooth Wine. These goodies are very creamy and the color payoff is amazing. Since it is creamy (take not creamy, not glossy), it won't amplify chapped lips and it may be worn even without a lip balm. For comparison, the finish is much like MAC's satin lipsticks.

L-R: Smooth Wine, Creamy Coral, Plumberry, Brick Rose, Satin Shell

Satin Shell is a very nice pinkish nude lipstick. This is my favorite of the 5 lipsticks. It's wearable from day to night, so you could pair this  with neutral e/s for work and a smokey e/s for a night out. I think I should hoard some of these lippies.

Satin Shell

Plumberry is a nice pink shade that is also wearable. It is a sort of a muted pink lippie, not the bright, blue-toned lippie I am used to. It's perfect for bridal look.

 Creamy Coral is almost the same as Maybelline's Cozy Tangerine, only this one lasts longer on my lips. Perfect if you are tanned and wants that golden goddess look.

Creamy Coral
 When I first saw Brick Rose, I thought it is red. But it is not. It's a nice dark rose shade leaning to brick red. Almost brick red but lighter.
Brick rose
Since reds are making a comeback nowadays, Smooth Wine is a good option. Again, it is not as bright as the blue-toned ones. It is a warm red wine shade that's perfect with just your perfectly groomed brows. It is perfect for something like a "nostalgic" look.

Smooth Wine

Colour Collection is under Tupperware Brands. You may like to check out their FB account here.