Saturday, September 24, 2011

Say Goodbye to Conditioner, Say Hello to Lorys Hair Cream

My hair became brittle and lacks luster due to a lot of treatments I had done in the past. Blowdrying is also one of the culprits. But what will I do? Without blowdrying, my hair looks like a total disaster! So, to counteract the damage blowdrying gives me hair, I resort to trying different conditioners. 

Conditioners did a lot of help, but let's say it is only as good as your last "shower". When i did research for hair conditioners and treatments, a brand - Lorys Hair Cream - has a lot of good reviews. So I decided I should try it myself. 

Lorys Hair Cream is a big thing in Brazil. Have you seen those Brazilian models and how their hair looks so  beautiful ala Ms. Universe? Perhaps this is part of their secret. Lorys Hair Cream can be used as a conditioner (which I do) or as a hot oil treatment. It is very convenient because you need not go to a salon to do the treatment, nor you need a steamer/heating cap. Just apply it on for 15 minutes, shampoo it off to avoid making your hair too greasy and voila, instant hot oil!

Conditioners usually cost P80-100 bucks for 200 ml, but Lorys Hair Cream costs P185 for a 450g jar. THis jar can last more than a month. I have been using mine for over a month now and I'm only half way with it. It is available in Watsons, SM, Shopwise, PCX , First Aid, Landmark, and other major department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Lorys has 6 variants, all suited for different hair types: Fruit Cocktail, Snake Oil, Ceramides, Chocolate, Shea Butter and Nutri-Sun Gloss. I was able to try all except Ceramides.

Snake Oil
At first I was hesitant to try this (what's with the name!). But when I opened the jar and learned that it doesn't smell like snake or snake oil for that matter, I was convinced to try it. =)

Lorys Snake Oil Effect enriched with a special blend of silicon, was specially developed to protect, restore and conditions damage and chemically treated hair. The special silicone blend in its formula helps to restore the hair protecting it by forming a special film, increasing the flexibility, leaving the hair nourished, soft and with an intense brightness. So no need to worry, 'cause it is not made from snake oil. =) 

I noticed that when i use this and I blowdry my hair afterwards, my hair looks bouncy and smooth. Plus, it does not make my hair brittle. A bit of exaggeration, but it made my hair looks like as if it was rebonded.

 Shea Butter
This one makes my hair smooth and soft without losing its volume. 

Fruit Cocktail
This is the first jar that I have tried and I use this until now. I love its fruity scent and it makes my hair manageable. Even without blowdrying, this one makes my hair looks neat and bouncy. I use this on a daily basis as a conditioner.

Duo Chocolate
When i opened this jar, I almost thought I mistakenly opened a jar of Nutella. It looks and smells like real chocolate. This is also one of my favorite variants because it smells so yummy! It has thermal activated silicone that intensively cares, conditions and repairs damaged hair.

And finally, Lorys Professional Nutri Sun Gloss is what I use as a weekly nourishing treatment. It brings back the lost luster of your hair. It is also perfect to repair damaged hair due to excessive sun exposure, just like when you have just been to the beach. So the next time you travel, pack a small jar of this goodie and take advantage of your hotels sauna and steam bath area for an instant hair spa!

So now you know why I said goodbye to conditioners. 


  1. really it cost only 185? yay
    ive been using l'oreal hair mask and been loving it :) yay this might be good to try also :)
    tnx for sharing

  2. Thank you for this review!!! I've been meaning to try this out for the longest time but can't find it when I go to the mall. Haha anyway, I'm so getting one! :D

  3. i didn't know they had a 185 jar. i used to have the 1 kg, i used fruit cocktail and duo chocolate and it was also when i had my hair permed. i love to soak my hair in this, it moisturizes the hair well. no more dry, damaged hair :)

  4. Thank you for sharing this! bye bye conditioners! :D

  5. thank ou for sharing! ill try it for sure