Saturday, October 29, 2011

Survivor Series: Caramoan Underwater Adventure

Caramoan is often compare with Coron (Palawan) in terms of the beauty of its beaches, islands and reefs. So when we went to Caramoan, we can't help but wonder, which is really better, Coron or Caramoan?

If you are on for underwater adventure to see corals, then Caramoan is better than Coron. Though if you want to see both corals and different kinds of fishes, I must say Coron is the place to be.

According to my hubby, he finds the corals in Caramoan more colorful and have the most number of varieties than in Coron. Although, we both agree that there are a few fishes wherever we go in Caramoan. 

In Coron, just throw a small piece of bread and you will see fishes crowding the clear waters. In Caramoan, it seems that they (the fishes) are not interested in bread, or rice, or anything for that matter (LOL). They just swim, swim and swim.

In Coron, even if you do not go to the snorkeling sites and just swim near the shore, you will see a bunch of fishes. In Caramoan, you need to go to a snorkeling site (this one is near Bag-ing) to see small fishes. I haven't seen a fish bigger than my palms here.

There's a snake! Now I'm scared. We even saw a stingray again. 

Sea urchins? 


  1. Hello, I am always impress with your pictures. May I know your what is your camera in this underwater shots? Love the documentations of your travels.....

  2. Hi, thanks for liking our photos. for island shots, we use Canon Ixus 120. For the underwater shots, we just use our Sony Cybershot T700 which is placed inside an underwater pouch. The pouch is courtesy of my friend, and they just got it in Islands Souvenir in T3.

  3. Seeing these photos make me wish I have an underwater camera. During our last vacation in Palawan, I was able to try snorkeling in the deep and was amazed the beauty of those pearl-bearing shells. Can't explain well my experience to others cos I don't have a camera that is water proof. Now, I know all I need is an underwater camera pouch. Hihi!

    Visiting from GT sis. Visit back please :)

  4. If I were to choose between a DSLR and an underwater camera, I'll choose an underwater camera! God knows how I am dying to get a Canon D10. It is really amazing how beautiful underwater life is. It is a if you entered a screensaver!

  5. Ahhhhh I thought you used an underwater camera and I might get what you have.....When we were in Palawan I used also my cannon cam with dicapack but the challenge is yung zoom di mashoot minsan hehe ang result may border sya na curve parang fish eye....Now I can say na nasa kumukuha talaga...haha.....Keep taking and posting wonderful pics. Nakakaenganyo mga pics mo.

  6. yung canon din namin hindi namin ginagamit sa pouch kasi nga hirap i=zoom. actually yung sony din mahirap, pero ginagawa ni hubby sineset na nya sa zoom bago ilagay sa loob ng pouch. thanks for liking my pics!

  7. Is it cheaper to stay there than in Coron? =)

  8. I think it's almost the same. we spent less than 5K each both in Coron and Caramoan. Plus transpo in Coron is not as complicated compared to Caramoan.