Friday, January 27, 2012

Product Spotlight: Colour Collection Colour Intense Lipstick in Salmon

The latest addiction to my lipstick collex is Colour Collection Colour Intense Lipstick in Salmon. As many have predicted, orange, tangerine and coral are the colors of the year 2012. So, I am currently on the lookout for the best orange and coral lipstick that will ignite me like MAC Pink Nouveau. Yes, I somehow need (or rather want) an orange or coral POWER LIPSTICK. I read MAC Morange is nice, but am still saving up for this. =)

Without further ado, here is Colour Collection Colour Intense Lipstick in Salmon. 

This is a nice neutral salmon shade that's orangey and brownish at the same time. It is near Maybelline's Cozy Tangerine, but a lot creamier and longlasting. For best results, use with a nude lipliner to hide lip pigmentation. I like the formula because it is not drying and not too glossy as well.

Product Spotlight: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

The multi-awarded eyelash curler landed my traincase at last, thanks to my very dear friend Angela Lim, for giving this as a birthday gift to me. God knows how you made me happy! =)

It is every makeup artists' staple, and every magazines' number one, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is definitely one of a kind. Some may argue, how is this different from any other eyelash curlers out there? For me, it is just perfect. It curls my lashes to perfection. It fits wells and does not pinch my lids. It works well even without mascara. 

Some says its local dupe is Fanny Serrano's. I beg to disagree. I have FS and it won't curl my stubborn lashes. I have to put on mascara first, so that my lashes would get a bit "manageable" and curl with FS. I know that's a no-no, as it can cause my lashes to get brittle and fall off. But it won't curl my lashes if I don't do that. So, the verdict: Shu Uemura is officially my HG eyelash curler!

I just wish Shu Uemura will sell refills, so that the eyelash curler would be for keeps. 

Again, thanks Angela! Love Love Love!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Product Spotlight: MAC Pink Nouveau

I need not describe MAC Pink Nouveau in details. Why? For me, there's only one description to this candy pink lippie: My Holy Grail Pink Lipstick.

I was hesitant to buy a tube at first because I still think that a thousand bucks for a lippie is impractical, especially if I will not wear it everyday. In my search for the perfect dupe, I have spent more than a thousand moolah, and yet failed to find the exact dupe (in shade and texture). So, I somehow regret not buying one afterall. 

And so I thought I will not wear it everyday. But I was wrong. It became by ever reliable pink lippie. If I am stressed, I would always say, "I need my power lipstick!". And by that I mean "I need my MAC Pink Nouveau!".

I love MAC's lipsticks in satin finish because the color payoff is excellent sans the flat and drying effect of the matte ones.

Lesson learned: It is not that bad to follow your impulse at times. =)

Product Spotlight: Colour Collection Mineral Eyeshadow Quad

Despite my love and lust for makeup artistry, I must admit i only mastered two eye makeup looks: Neutral and Smokey. So each time I see a palette that has shades perfect for such looks, I always see to it to grab one. (With the exception of Urban Decay's Naked Palette, as I still have to save big time for this holy grail neutral eye palette.) 

One of the neutral palettes that I love most is Tupperware Brands' Colour Collection Mineral Eyeshadow Quad in Luminous Gems. 

This palette has four beautiful neutral shades (please refer to the photo below):

1) It's a nice highlighter that's not glittery, just shimmery. I am so thankful I found this because my G-Lish Eyeshadow in Caffeine Rush (which includes my favorite highlighter) is already hitting the bottom of the pan. This shade is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and the corners of the eyes. Just a reminder, please groom your brows before putting on highlighter on your brow bone so as not to highlight the "unwanted".

2) It's a nice beige eyeshadow that can either work as your base or just be worn alone.

3) A darker reddish beige shadow that's perfect for contouring. If you have dark undereyes, conceal dark spots first, as this may amplify dark circles. I love using this at the outer corner  (outer V).

4) This is the darkest shade in this palette and can be used for added drama. It can also be used to make an illusion of prominent eyelids, perfect for Asian eyes.

I love this palette because it is very handy and it is not chalky. The shimmers are so fine so the shades are perfectly wearable even on broad daylight.

Thumbs up for Colour Collection once again!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm and Lid Smoothie

Clinique, a dermatologist-developed cosmetics brand,  believes that Great Skin Can Be Created. Each beautifully crafted Clinique skin care and makeup product is Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free. But sometimes, the misconception is when a product is mild, the quality is often compromised. This is not the case with Clinique. Though their products are mild on the skin, the quality is more than satisfactory. For me, every Clinique product is worth the investment. 

Just recently, I got these babies from Clinique - Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry and Lid Smoothie (which I almost thought is a "lip" smoothie!) in Pinkgo Biloba.

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm contains mango and shea butter that moisturizes the lips while giving a hint of colour. Super Strawberry is a great MLBB (my lips but better) shade that is perfect for everyday use. I love matching it with a nude lipliner for a more opaque and longlasting effect. 

Clinique Lid Smoothie in Pinkgo Biloba on the other hand is a great highlighter, not only for the eyes, but for the brow bone, nose bridge and even cheeks! It is shimmery but not glittery. For instant glow, try putting some on the inner corners of your eyes.

Here are the swatches:

Left -  Lid Smoothie in Pinkgo Biloba
Right - Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry.

Tupperware Brands' Holiday Gifts

I know it's too late for a holiday post but it's better late than never, right? =) 

Before 2011 ended, I received some stuff from Tupperware Brands in this chic zebra-print Tupperware canister. Tadaaah!

A Sophie Rose cologne, some Baby Care products (which Akisha loves), White Result Kojic Soap and Lotion, another pan of Colour Collection's Mineral Powder Foundation, and another Colour Collection Lipstick in Salmon.


1) Sophie Rose - a mild floral scent that reminds me so much of Lacoste Pink. Perfect for evening night outs and formal events.

2) White Result Kojic Lotion - I love the scent! It smells fresh and citrusy. Plus, it is not sticky.

3) White Result Kojic Soap - Smells good like the lotion. Though I noticed that it does not lather that much.

4) Colour Collection Lipstick in Salmon - a nice nude/coral lippie that's wearable in the workplace.

5) Baby Care Powder & Baby Bath- Akisha loves these, but I hope there is a fragrance-free version.

Clinique Event at Whitespace, Makati City

I was privileged to be part of Clinique's Makeup Relaunch Event last night at the Whitespace, Makati City. The event was graced with celebrities including Iza Calzado, Phoemela Baranda, Rhian Ramos, Laureen Uy, Tessa Prieto and a lot more, as well as bloggers and friends from the media.

While everyone was having cocktails, the lights dimmed and to our surprise, amazing acrobats opened the program.

Model Joey Mead hosted the program in her blue tube jumpsuit.

An official from Clinique's international office was also present last night.

The event showcased Clinique's makeup line through a fashion show.

Clinique makeup artists showed their talents by prepping these lovely models in white.

Whitespace is located in Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City (beside Makati Hope Christian School) and just infront of Mead Johnson.

And we went home with these goodies! I am so excited to make a review soon! Thank you Clinique. 'Til next time!