Friday, January 20, 2012

Tupperware Brands' Holiday Gifts

I know it's too late for a holiday post but it's better late than never, right? =) 

Before 2011 ended, I received some stuff from Tupperware Brands in this chic zebra-print Tupperware canister. Tadaaah!

A Sophie Rose cologne, some Baby Care products (which Akisha loves), White Result Kojic Soap and Lotion, another pan of Colour Collection's Mineral Powder Foundation, and another Colour Collection Lipstick in Salmon.


1) Sophie Rose - a mild floral scent that reminds me so much of Lacoste Pink. Perfect for evening night outs and formal events.

2) White Result Kojic Lotion - I love the scent! It smells fresh and citrusy. Plus, it is not sticky.

3) White Result Kojic Soap - Smells good like the lotion. Though I noticed that it does not lather that much.

4) Colour Collection Lipstick in Salmon - a nice nude/coral lippie that's wearable in the workplace.

5) Baby Care Powder & Baby Bath- Akisha loves these, but I hope there is a fragrance-free version.

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