Sunday, February 26, 2012

Current Fave: Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Hair Fall Rescue

I have been suffering from hair loss since like forever. An exaggeration maybe, but believe me, it's getting really serious. Like when I comb my hair I wouldn't be surprised when I get a handful strands. I am actually happy with my old regimen (another famous brand of hair fall control shampoo in the Philippines), since my aunt and mom are so hooked to it. Well, in all fairness, that brand  has really improved my hair condition. But just like anything else that you routinely do, my hair perhaps is looking for something new. So when I saw Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Hair Fall Rescue on the stands, I became so intrigued.

I have been a fan of Dove products like their soaps and body wash which smell so fresh, and their gentle deodorants. My mom and aunt would even use their bar soaps for their hair when I was a little child. And when someone comes home from abroad, we would usually say, "bring some Dove bars". So seeing a product like the Hair Fall Rescue line is good news for me. 

I did not buy a bottle yet, because I want to try it out first, so I just got the sachets from Shopwise Makati. 

The scent, as expected is so lovely. The scent would stay from morning 'til night. And since Dove is famous for its moisturizing products, this shampoo and conditioner line is no exception. It says it has "patented Micro Moisture Serum" that helps repair the weakened hair surface from roots to tips. 

-Love the scent
-It lathers creamy foam
-Hair is so soft after use. As if you just had a hot oil treatment
-I think my hair was kinda straight after, perhaps because it became too soft and bouncy
-My hair is easy to comb after usage, lessening the occurrence of hair fall/ hair breakage

-sometimes, the sachets get out of stock easily
-price is a bit (just a tiny bit) steeper than its counterparts

I also saw in the web that this line includes a daily treatment conditioner (some sort of an intensive conditioner for daily use) and a hair therapy serum. How I wish I could try those, they sound promising. Too bad, Shopwise Makati doesn't have it. 

Overall, I think I will continue usage of this line. I am so satisfied with its results. Time to change my all-time hair fall control regimen!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Congratulations MEGA YDC 2012 Grand Winner, Renan Jay Pacson!

Sometime in April last year, I wrote about PAXON, a brand of clothing designed by my dear friend Renan. Back then, his designs were just starting to create buzz. From Abayas (a middle-eastern national costume) to wedding gowns, his designs are really one of a kind. He even made a friend's wedding gown in December  and flew all the way to Catbalogan, Samar to assist my friend. That's how he works. Dedicated. Creative. Extraordinary. Breaking a leg is not new to him. No wonder, he won MEGA's Young Designer Competition 2012!

Last Thursday, the grand finale of MEGA YDC 2012 was held at the NBC Tent in The Fort, Bonifacio Global City. Our friends Virra, Chariz and Ricaday attended the event to support Renan, while the others, including me, showed support by monitoring Virra's post on FB. 

The event coincided with MEGA's 20th Anniversary, and was hosted by supermodel Sarah Meier. She was stunning in her elegant black dress.

MEGA Young Designers Competition is composed of 18 young designers from all over the country. The reality show was aired every Saturday and Sunday on ETC.

The judges from the MEGA team.

And the finalists who made it to the grand finale.

Each of them had the chance to showcase their collections. Renan's collection is dubbed as the "Great Armor".

According to his FB page:

"Great armor"....the literal translation of ø-yoroi; used by ancient high-ranking samurai.

" the samurai prepares for a battle, his servants are ceremonially putting on his ø-yoroi; one servant is lacing his master's kote (armored sleeves) while another is adjusting his master's hai-date (thigh armor); the samurai deeply inhales, trying to fill his lungs with strength from the air, but all he could smell is blood. He then puts on his dø (chest armor), adjusts it; he feels a tinge of fear running up and down his spine. The servant hands him his mengu (facial armor) then he puts on his kabuto (helmet)..He is ready to fight...Ready to take on the battle of his life...He wipes his tachi (sword) before placing it around his waist...rides his horse and moves toward the battle field..."

MEGA WOMAN 2032:: she is indestructible; her strengths are beyond limits; a modern warrior; she is fierce; she is fearless...INVINCIBLE!

I totally agree with his description. The collection is fierce, fearless and invincible! The cuts are edgy, and the colors are dark, reminiscent of strength and power.

How I wish I was at the event to witness Renan's work sweep the runway! 

The designer, Renan Jay Pacson, onstage. We knew it! He'll reach stardom in no time! And there he was, facing fashion aficionados with his own designs. 

So Virra said Robin got the 3rd place. I became so nervous! I really feel he is going to make it. And there, she updated her status again saying Mara was 2nd. I had goosebumps! This is really is it! Dizzizit!

And when Virra confirmed that indeed, Renan won, we all rejoiced! We were soooooo happy for him. He deserves it! He have been working too hard to win this competition. I remember that in December, a few days before my friend's wedding, he was literally sleepless. I even joked that I might just as well drape the cloth he bought for my gown, so that it will not consume his time. But he did it! He did it fabulously well!

The MEGA Young Designers Competition Grand Winner Renan Jay Pacson with his models.

And the finalists, Mara, Renan and Robin.

And of course, our ever supportive friends, Ricaday, Virra and Chariz who were as stunning and gorgeous as Renan's works.



Photos By: Tet Roberts
Taken from Renan's FB album

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product Spotlight: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

Just like how feng shui experts predict what's lucky and unlucky for the year 2012, the beauty industry proclaims RED as the hair color of the year. And since I haven't colored my hair in the past two years, I decided it is time to dye my tresses.

While doing my research, I came across different DIY hair color products, and this one stood out among the rest with more positive reviews: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring. I got Wine Red.

Here are my pegs for my new look. My next target is to have digital perm. =)

The photo on its box is a bit bolder for my taste, but decided to get one anyway since I know that it is very rare for photos on DIY hair color boxes to match the actual results. 

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring comes with a pump that contains the color activator, the hair color on a tetra pack, gloves, cape and perfumed silky treatment.

It is so easy to use. Just pour the hair color to the pump bottle that contains the activator and tilt back and forth. Do not shake. Wear the gloves and cape, pump some "bubbles" and put on your hair, just like how you normally shampoo your tresses. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes, and voila! Rinse hair thoroughly. I did not shampoo my hair. I panicked because my hair felt dry and stiff! But after I put on the silky perfumed treatment, it softens significantly. I left the treatment for about 3 minutes and rinsed it out.

The results? Here are some of my photos. (l-r): Before dyeing my hair; After coloring my hair; After making faux curls using guess what? a chopstick.

Easy to use
Cheap at Php 378
Does not stain on skin. Should you happen to have some stains on your skin, just rinse it off with water and it will be removed easily.
Does not smell odd

My hair became a bit drier after a few days, especially when I don't put on conditioner

The content of the pump and the tetra pack is more than enough to cover my long and thick hair. About 3/4 of it remained unused. I wish I did not mix it all at the same time, so that I still have something for retouch.

Overall, I like. I hope I can try Natural Brown and Sweet Orange soon. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Current Favorite: Colour Collection Triple Treat Lip-Cheek-Eye Color Stick

I've been seeing this before in the brochures, but I just thought it was so ordinary, and that my impression is it is some mediocre product. But I was WRONG. this is one fantabulous product! Colour Collection Triple Treat Lip-Cheek-Eye Color Stick is so handy, long-wearing and has good color payoff.

I got the chance to try its Lots of Rose shade, and i got hooked into it. It is now a staple in my kikay kit because it is very handy and versatile. Sometimes when I just don't like to put on makeup, or if I am in a hurry, I'll just sweep a few coats of this pink tube on my cheeks and lips and I am all set.

Lots of Rose is a very nice shade of warm candy pink with subtle shimmer. Here's a closer look:

Here's a swatch on my NC30 skin:

And on my lips:

Seriously, I am getting addicted to this tiny little pink magic wand. I want to try all the colors. too bad, the one who sells Tupperware Brands here at our place is now inactive. I want! I want!

Bloggers' Lunch with Tupperware Brands' Chief Makeup Artist Bianca Valerio

Last February 6, I was so privileged to be invited at the Tupperware Brands Bloggers' Lunch with no less than their stunning Chief Makeup Artist Bianca Valerio. I remember that way back in 2006, I got the chance to work with Bianca when I was still working in a wedding magazine. She was our model one day, and makeup artist the day next. Yes, that's how multi-talented she is. But I don;t think she still remembers me. I was too "nene" yet that time. 

She was wearing a red lipstick (read: Rubi) from her own makeup line under Tupperware Brands. She also talked about the other products included in her line that include the basic makeup stash every lady needs (lipstick, makeup base or BB cream, brow pencil and mascara).

The highlight of the event is the launch of Colour Collection's University Tour, where they created a customized makeover bus that will roam around some universities in Metro Manila. Too bad I had to leave earlier because I just sneaked out of the office so I wasn't able to see the bus' intteriors.

I am so glad to meet fellow blogger during the event. Hope to be with you again soon girls!

Here's their photo wall that we weren't able to use (so sorry!). But it looks chic. =)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Colour Collection starts university tours

Press Release

The chic Colour Collection bus that will roam around universities in Metro Manila
to get you primped and prettified!

Young women today enjoy being at their best all the time. From the clothes they rock, to the latest hairstyle, to the sweet scent they wear, girls don’t miss a thing when it comes to being beautiful. Moreover, young women take pleasure in playing with colours that not only make them pretty but more importantly, confident.  What can be more exciting for young college girls than makeup?

Colour Collection, Tupperware Brands’ premier cosmetics line is taking one step at a time to spreading confidence among fun, young college girls as its makeover bus tours universities in Metro Manila to treat fashionistas with free makeovers and beauty chat with our guest beauty experts, plus the exciting opportunity to be featured in Meg, one of the leading fashion and beauty magazines in the country today.

The brand, popularly being endorsed by Bea Alonzo, has been known for its extensive, rich makeup colors with skin caring properties, and has successfully launched innovative products such as the Colour Intense Lipstick, Triple Effect Waterproof Mascara, Gluta Whitening BB Cream and its chief makeup artist Bianca Valerio’s Makeup Artist Edition line.

The makeover tour recently kicked-off at the University of the Philippines in Diliman.The plush, mobile beauty salon was parked at the College of Arts and Sciences/College of Arts and Letters grounds to allow female college students to avail of a free Colour Collection makeover.

 More than 1,500 students hopped on the bus to experience the makeover treatment and got a free 15ml Gluta Whitening BB Cream for their purchase of any lip color.

What’s more, the lady Iskolars ng Bayan had a chance to chat with Bianca Valerio about beauty secrets during an intimate gathering held at the Café Via Mare at the Center for Asian Studies.

Embodying the credibility the of this beauty brand, Bianca trained and got professional license at the prestigious Make-Up Designory in L.A. After finishing her studies, Bianca hosted the fashion TV show FASH (Fashion and Style Hub), wherein she showcased her knowledge on makeup, hairstyling and fashion.

With Colour Collection’s high quality and innovative pieces, there’s no holding back in giving it a try, as how our guest beauty experts did. Joining top model and professional makeup artist Bianca Valerio on tour were two of the most trusted online and print beauty editors, who shared beauty and style know-how’s to students. Well-known beauty blogger Liz Lanuzo, the beauty and brains behind writes about the wide range of products and services in the beauty and fashion niche especially made for Filipinas. Completing the line-up was Meg magazine’s beauty editor Ning Hilario whose eyes are set on the hottest and hippest trends in style and beauty must-haves.

As Colour Collection visits three more universities, the brand will choose three (3) pretty faces as part of the brand’s Best 12 makeovers. The tour will wrap up via an online voting in the event’s exclusive microsite where one of our Best 12 will have a chance to win an exclusive makeover feature c/o Meg and a meet-and-greet with brand ambassador Bea Alonzo.

The Colour Collection University Tour Bus caps off over 18 successful years of Colour Collection in the Philippines. For almost two decades, the brand has captured women nationwide with its dazzling makeup lines that capture every woman's beauty.

To see exclusive details about the event, log on to or like Tupperware Brands Philippines in Facebook. 

Tupperware Brands is the authorized distributor of some of the world’s prestigious brands including Tupperware, Colour Collection, Ivana, White Result, Wonderbra, Playtex, Hanes, Baby Care Plus, Circus and Zwitsal. For your questions and inquiries on how to be a dealer, log on to, email us at or call the hotline number 867-2222.