Friday, February 17, 2012

Congratulations MEGA YDC 2012 Grand Winner, Renan Jay Pacson!

Sometime in April last year, I wrote about PAXON, a brand of clothing designed by my dear friend Renan. Back then, his designs were just starting to create buzz. From Abayas (a middle-eastern national costume) to wedding gowns, his designs are really one of a kind. He even made a friend's wedding gown in December  and flew all the way to Catbalogan, Samar to assist my friend. That's how he works. Dedicated. Creative. Extraordinary. Breaking a leg is not new to him. No wonder, he won MEGA's Young Designer Competition 2012!

Last Thursday, the grand finale of MEGA YDC 2012 was held at the NBC Tent in The Fort, Bonifacio Global City. Our friends Virra, Chariz and Ricaday attended the event to support Renan, while the others, including me, showed support by monitoring Virra's post on FB. 

The event coincided with MEGA's 20th Anniversary, and was hosted by supermodel Sarah Meier. She was stunning in her elegant black dress.

MEGA Young Designers Competition is composed of 18 young designers from all over the country. The reality show was aired every Saturday and Sunday on ETC.

The judges from the MEGA team.

And the finalists who made it to the grand finale.

Each of them had the chance to showcase their collections. Renan's collection is dubbed as the "Great Armor".

According to his FB page:

"Great armor"....the literal translation of ø-yoroi; used by ancient high-ranking samurai.

" the samurai prepares for a battle, his servants are ceremonially putting on his ø-yoroi; one servant is lacing his master's kote (armored sleeves) while another is adjusting his master's hai-date (thigh armor); the samurai deeply inhales, trying to fill his lungs with strength from the air, but all he could smell is blood. He then puts on his dø (chest armor), adjusts it; he feels a tinge of fear running up and down his spine. The servant hands him his mengu (facial armor) then he puts on his kabuto (helmet)..He is ready to fight...Ready to take on the battle of his life...He wipes his tachi (sword) before placing it around his waist...rides his horse and moves toward the battle field..."

MEGA WOMAN 2032:: she is indestructible; her strengths are beyond limits; a modern warrior; she is fierce; she is fearless...INVINCIBLE!

I totally agree with his description. The collection is fierce, fearless and invincible! The cuts are edgy, and the colors are dark, reminiscent of strength and power.

How I wish I was at the event to witness Renan's work sweep the runway! 

The designer, Renan Jay Pacson, onstage. We knew it! He'll reach stardom in no time! And there he was, facing fashion aficionados with his own designs. 

So Virra said Robin got the 3rd place. I became so nervous! I really feel he is going to make it. And there, she updated her status again saying Mara was 2nd. I had goosebumps! This is really is it! Dizzizit!

And when Virra confirmed that indeed, Renan won, we all rejoiced! We were soooooo happy for him. He deserves it! He have been working too hard to win this competition. I remember that in December, a few days before my friend's wedding, he was literally sleepless. I even joked that I might just as well drape the cloth he bought for my gown, so that it will not consume his time. But he did it! He did it fabulously well!

The MEGA Young Designers Competition Grand Winner Renan Jay Pacson with his models.

And the finalists, Mara, Renan and Robin.

And of course, our ever supportive friends, Ricaday, Virra and Chariz who were as stunning and gorgeous as Renan's works.



Photos By: Tet Roberts
Taken from Renan's FB album


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