Sunday, February 26, 2012

Current Fave: Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Hair Fall Rescue

I have been suffering from hair loss since like forever. An exaggeration maybe, but believe me, it's getting really serious. Like when I comb my hair I wouldn't be surprised when I get a handful strands. I am actually happy with my old regimen (another famous brand of hair fall control shampoo in the Philippines), since my aunt and mom are so hooked to it. Well, in all fairness, that brand  has really improved my hair condition. But just like anything else that you routinely do, my hair perhaps is looking for something new. So when I saw Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Hair Fall Rescue on the stands, I became so intrigued.

I have been a fan of Dove products like their soaps and body wash which smell so fresh, and their gentle deodorants. My mom and aunt would even use their bar soaps for their hair when I was a little child. And when someone comes home from abroad, we would usually say, "bring some Dove bars". So seeing a product like the Hair Fall Rescue line is good news for me. 

I did not buy a bottle yet, because I want to try it out first, so I just got the sachets from Shopwise Makati. 

The scent, as expected is so lovely. The scent would stay from morning 'til night. And since Dove is famous for its moisturizing products, this shampoo and conditioner line is no exception. It says it has "patented Micro Moisture Serum" that helps repair the weakened hair surface from roots to tips. 

-Love the scent
-It lathers creamy foam
-Hair is so soft after use. As if you just had a hot oil treatment
-I think my hair was kinda straight after, perhaps because it became too soft and bouncy
-My hair is easy to comb after usage, lessening the occurrence of hair fall/ hair breakage

-sometimes, the sachets get out of stock easily
-price is a bit (just a tiny bit) steeper than its counterparts

I also saw in the web that this line includes a daily treatment conditioner (some sort of an intensive conditioner for daily use) and a hair therapy serum. How I wish I could try those, they sound promising. Too bad, Shopwise Makati doesn't have it. 

Overall, I think I will continue usage of this line. I am so satisfied with its results. Time to change my all-time hair fall control regimen!


  1. plus points for the yummy scent! :)

    followed you through GFC
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