Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where Will You Take Your Boracay Rum?

Don't get me wrong. I am not a baby drunkard. I am the sweetest baby on earth, at least that's what my mom (who owns this blog) tells me all the time. Actually, I am thinking of giving my mom and dad a break. So, I will take my Boracay Rum in front of Willy's Rock, with my parents of course. 

Willy's Rock is the part of Boracay that's quiet and serene in daytime, wild and fierce at night. Exactly what my parents need. They need to escape from their busy jobs, from the hustles and bustles of the city. But, I am sure, they miss partying already. 'Cause since I came into their lives, their life changed a lot. Their focus is on me and more often than not, they do not have time to relax anymore. Now it's my turn to make them feel special.

But before I bring my Boracay Rum there, I will grab my favorite pizza first from Cielo, Shangrila Boracay, a perfect match for Boracay Rum Capuccino or Coconut.


So mom and dad, enjoy Boracay and Boracay Rum! Party til you drop, 'cause you both rock! Love yah!


 Ooooppppssss....time to wake up from a beautiful dream. Thanks Akisha, mom and dad love you soooo much! - beautystash

Beautiful MOMents by Marionnaud at SM Mall of Asia

A week before Monther's Day, Mariounnaud is hosting a special event for moms from today, April 30 to May 6, 2011.

As soon as I received Mariounnaud's text message last Monday, I immediately registered for the event. I chose to attend the Guerlain's Makeup Workshop at 2pm.

During the event, there are also free makeovers and a lot more when you purchase anything from Mariounnaud.

Guerlain's Makeup Workshop highlighted its Spring Collection. The colors are so vibrant and bold. Blush G caught my eyes. It is a very nice pink blush. Very natural indeed!

Pink eyeshadow! But it was gorgeously applied on her lids.
 And the model is a Professor! Kudos to you Ma'am. 

There are booths that offers free makeover upon purchase.

Elite Cosmetics is said to be the makeup brand of Elite Models, a premiere modeling agency in New York.

And of course, freebies galore!

The loot bag contains a sample of Blanc de Perle Moisturizer, a Foundation and guess what? A powder!

Here is the sample powder:

Inside a small envelope that looks like a gift card is a flapcard that contains the sample powder. Nice!

PAXON: A Promising Label

Started out as an online store that specializes in Abaya, a Middle Eastern cloak that happens to be their national costume, PAXON has opened its doors to the Filipinos public not only through social networking sites, but also via its flagship store in NE Pacific Mall, Nueva Ecija.

Witty and always the "fasyon' one in class, my good friend Renan Jay Pacson (PAXON was derived from his surname) has finally achieved one of his long time dreams - to exhibit his creativity through fashion.

Here are  some of his latest creations:
Chic Dresses

(Chariz,forgive me for not asking permission to post your photos. Mwah!)

Haute Couture

For the Bride to-be

PAXON is available at

Kudos to you RJP!!! We're so proud of you!

Her Royal Highness' Timeless Style

Kate Middleton's Barely There Look

 Sharing my article on about Kate Middleton's Barely There Look.

Holy Week 2011: Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine, Pangasinan

I have always been a devotee of Our Lady of Manaoag. Ever since I was a child, my mom and my relatives would always set a pilgrimage to her shrine in Pangasinan once in awhile. She has granted my numerous petitions through the years. I remember when my husband and I were not yet a couple, I asked her to give me signs if he (my husband) is the right one for me. I told her, I would marry someone who will always sing for me, because I really adore men with good voices. My husband loves to sing, and he sings just right. I told myself, it might be just a coincidence.

And secondly, I said, if I will see three lighthouses while I am with him before the year ends, then he is the one. To my delight, she showed me three lighthouses before Christmas Day. One is when we went to Bohol. Little did I know that the first stop of our countryside tour is the lighthouse in Baclayon, where the actor Cesar Montano proposed to his wife, Sunshine Cruz. When we went to a resort in Pangasinan that same year, as we were settling in a cottage at the second floor, I opened his camera to take a photo of the Sual hillside. As I was zooming in, I was surprised to see a lighthouse! I did not tell him about my prayer that time.

When we went to Cebu, I know I will see the third lighthouse in Liloan. I never realized that Liloan is far from Mactan, where we plan to spend most of our vacation. In short, I did not see the third lighthouse. But even before I see the third lighthouse, my husband proposed to me in an Island. So I told myself, perhaps, it’s not the right time yet.

While onboard a plane going back to Manila, I was on a window seat. My hubby was sleeping and I was watching the clouds from the window. I can still see some islands. To my astonishment, I saw something white in one of the islands. I grabbed our camera and zoomed in and there, I saw the final lighthouse! I woke him up and pointed at the lighthouse. He was confused and didn’t understand why I was so bedazzled. I explained everything and he laughed and told me, have he known this all the while, he should have brought me to all the lighthouses he is familiar with. About 2 months after, we got married. This is yet another blessing of Our Lady of Manaoag.

Another instance is when I got pregnant with our first baby, which turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. Two months after my salpingectomy, we applied for work in Canada. I asked her; if she wants us to leave the country, let it be. But if she doesn’t, please bless me with another baby ( I was too afraid I might not get pregnant again because I only have 1 fallopian tube). In less than a month, I conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby girl thereafter. Now, you could just imagine how strong my devotion is to Our Lady of Manaoag. That also explains why I see to it that I visit her shrine once a year.

This Holy Week, I went again to her shrine on Good Friday. To go there, you can take a bus from Cubao or Pasay going to Dagupan. Sometimes, there are buses with a signboard saying “Manaoag”. I am not sure though if this will be drop you off in front of the church. From Dagupan, take a van to Manaoag. The terminal is just a few steps away from Victory Liner Terminal. Fare is Php 30 per head and travel time from Dagupan to Manaoag Shrine is about 1 hour.

Since the shrine’s peak season is in April and May, you could just imagine the number of devotees there on Good Friday. I don’t mind this. In fat I am happy to see that a ot of people also believes and adores Our Lady of Manaoag like me.

We went up to the Veneration Room to touch her cape and say a prayer. 



We also lighted candles in her new candle sanctuary where a replica of the lady stands in the middle of a man-made falls.

There are also lots of stores beside the church selling religious items, delicacies like puto calasiao, tupig, bukayo and patupat.

As I write this post, I am proud to say that she bestowed another miracle on me, as she saved me again with another ectopic pregnancy.