Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our SeriAsia Spa Experience

 About a month ago, I scored 2 Metrodeal vouchers of a 60 minute full body massage and oxygen facial from SeriAsia, a spa in Southgate Mall in Magallanes. When I got the vouchers, I thought of sharing it with my hubby so we can have relax and unwind for awhile.

SeriAsia is at the second floor of Southgate Mall, along with other salons. Southgate Mall can be reached through MRT (alight at Magallanes station), buses that pass by EDSA or jeepneys going to Mantrade.

We can already smell the "spa-ish" aroma from the escalator. Inside the spa, you will be welcomed by their friendly staff who will then offer you coffee, tea or wheatgrass while waiting. SeriAsia also offers a variety of wellness products like coffee with ganoderma mushrooms (from Malaysia, as I was told), lotions, vitamins, masks and a lot more. A former colleague told me that their 6 in 1 lotion is good as it is not sticky and it helps lighten the appearance of stretchmarks.

SeriAsia also offers a wide variety of spa services from massage to scrubs to facials. However, they do not have jacuzzi or steam bath. Perhaps it is because of the limited space.

This is their facial room. The "room" is enclosed by curtains so if privacy is a big deal, you might find this an issue. However, for me, this is just okay. this is even better than Let's Face It's row of beds where you are literally rubbing elbows with each other. SeriAsia can only accomodate 2 guests for facials at the same time.

Their Oxygen Facial is one remarkable facial for me. It is very relaxing yet I can really feel that my skin is deeply cleansed. Initially, the therapist cleansed my face with a combination of facial wash and a sea salt scrub. The usual 5-minute facial sauna (steam) came after. Instead of the tedious pricking (which annoyed me always), they use an intensive vacuum. This will exfoliate your skin and extract blackheads/whiteheads. A cool mask is applied after and will be left for 15 minutes. The oxygen infusion will come after the mask. This is the most relaxing part of the facial. It is cool and hydrating. Oxygen Facial has anti-aging and rejuvenating properties and is becoming popular globally.

You can also enjoy foot scrub or massage here.

Our vouchers also include a full body massage. SeriAsia has a couple's room. Actually, its the only room that they have, so that also means they can only accommodate 2 persons at a time. It is better to book ahead to secure a slot especially on peak days.

What I like about their massage is the pressure. The therapist were able to capture the pressure that I want. Hard on my back but gentle on my legs, thighs and arms. They also use good-smelling aromatheraphy oils and a mentholated balm. I asked what balm was that and they said they sell one in a big jar (P1000) and a small tub (P99). however, the latter was out of stock.

They also provide a robe and boxers for your perusal. The massage ended with a warm towel to remove stickiness of the oils used.

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