Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Morning Indulgence at Purple Oven

 After going to mass earlier this morning at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Makati City, my hubby said he wants to try out the cakes at Purple Oven,located in YMCA just across the church. 

Our dearest friend, Angela Lim, owner of N.Y.OR.K. (Not Your Ordinary Coffee) introduced Purple Oven's brownies, bars and tarts to us when we had our outreach program last December. From then on, we really wished there's a Purple Oven near our place (original store is in Pasig). Our wishes have been granted when we saw months ago that Purple Oven is putting up a store in front of the church where we attend masses weekly.

Hubby ordered Rustic Chocolate Torte (P750/whole cake) and had it divided into 8 slices since we are 5 in the group. When the cake was brought to our table, our eyes widened as we saw 5 big slices of mouth-watering cake. A slice costs less than a hundred bucks but the taste is worth a million!

We are originally looking for Sanzrival, but it was unavailable, so the lady from Purple Oven (I'm guessing she is the owner) recommended Rustic Chocolate Torte. It has layers of crunchy ala "Sanzrival" crust, nuts, chocolate and cream. The cream is not too sweet, not too rich. It tastes like vanilla ice cream but doesn't melt like one. The chocolate shavings are bittersweet. The crust is perfectly crunchy and light.For its price, it's definitely worth it.

  Purple Oven at YMCA, in front of the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart.

The dining area though has very limited seats. It only has 2 small tables with a couple of chairs.

The amibience is like a relaxed version of Starbucks. It's black and white everywhere. There are glass windows that makes the place cozy.

 Now wonder Purple Oven is a blockbuster. This is the line when we arrived.

 The friendly Purple Oven people. 

 Aside from cakes, they also sell ensaymadas, bars, tarts, loafs, etc.


  1. omg, that looks yummy nga!! i wish i can try this, im a sucker for cakes and sweets! :D

  2. go sis, try it! worth the visit. we have 2 slices left in the fridge and i am munching on it bfast lunch and dinner!

  3. we bought 1 whole choco campfire cake two weeks ago.. super yummy and sulit for the price. the cake was so big! :D haha. I wish it's super near my place too...