Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Product Spotlight: Indigo Baby's Yummymummy Pure Cocoa Butter

You know how frustrating it is to have stretchmarks after giving birth? Or how uncomfortable a person with skin asthma is when itchiness attacks? I happen to experience both. If only I could turn back time and prevent my stretchies or swap genes, believe me, I would. 

I used to use The Body Shop's Shea Butter and Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion to alleviate my skin asthma. It is only recently that I discovered another body butter wonder, Indigo Baby's Yummymummy Pure Cocoa Butter.

It is made of 100% pure cocoa butter that helps prevent stretchmarks, chapped lips and keeps skin moisturized to the highest level! Use this after taking a shower while your skin is damp so that it won't feel sticky at all. I also use this on my lips before putting lipstick on. This is also why my baby Akisha refers to this bottle as "her lipstick" because when she sees me putting on a lippie and asks me to put on some on her lips, I will put some Yummymummy Pure Cocoa Butter on her instead. This is because I want to prevent her lips from darkening caused  by some lipsticks. And she'll always say "yummy!". Perhaps, it's due to its chocolatey scent. 

I also use this on my hands and feet to keep them soft and smooth. Of course, Akisha does that, too!

This jar would probably last a looooooooooonggggg time as you will only need a little amount for each use.


  1. Sounds like a good product for skin asthma. I also suffer from it and Palmer's Cocoa Butter has been my best friend but it's kinda pricey so will definitely keep this in mind.

  2. It looks really yummy and rich...like chunks of butter. :) Indigo Baby is a pretty memorable brand to me 'cause that's where I got my first baby pouch. :)

  3. yummy indeed! I've used cocoa butter before and although it didn't help with my stretchmarks, I love that it made my skin super duper soft!