Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mini Haul : NARS Plein Eté Mini Multiple Set and Mini Lipgloss GWP

Me wearing NARS Multiple in South Beach and NARS Lipgloss in Rose Gitane

The cute red box of my baby Multiples

NARS Plein Eté Mini Multiple Set contains the bestselling shades such as Orgasm, South Beach and Copacabana.

Top to Bottom: Orgasm South Beach, Copacabana

Got this mini lipgloss set as GWP. It contains small version of Supervixen, Female Trouble & Rose Gitane.

L-R: Female Trouble Rose Gitane and Supervixen

Female Trouble is a nice MLBB shade for me while Rose Gitane looks like a lipt tint on me but I guess it will look best when applied on top of a red lippie. Oh I think Rouge d'Enfer will look good with Rose Gitane. While Supervixen is a very nice pale lippie perfect for smoky eyes.

BTW, I think Super vixen and/or Female Trouble can be used in this look. Same with South Beach Multiple. I got this from Troy Jensen's Blog.

I wonder what e/s was used here? Would you know guys?

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