Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Product Spotlight: Colour Collection Mineral Powder Foundation

 Sorry for being not writing about beauty stuff for long time (I was so busy travelling and focusing on my full time job, please bear with me.) 

Continuing my review on Colour Collection Mineral Cosmetics Line, I think this is the best time to give my inputs on Colour Collection's Mineral Powder Foundation. I had already finished a pan and am ready to spill the beans. =)

Coverage and Staying Power

Since this is a mineral foundation, I was kinda expecting a lot from it in terms of coverage, though it turned out  it has sheer to medium coverage. When used alone, it can last up to 2 hours on my oily T-zone, while it can last 4 hours when used to set my liquid foundation.  To build coverage, use the sponge included in the pan instead of a powder brush.


Colour Collection's Mineral Powder Foundation is finely-milled. It blends smoothly when applied using a large powder brush or a sponge. 


I got two shades of Colour Collection's Mineral Powder Foundation: Light and Natural.

Light: yellow-toned, light to medium

Natural: neutral-toned, medium

I have made a comparative shot  of the  two shades but the lighting might be a bit deceiving. In the photo below, Light appears darker than Natural, but it should be the opposite.

I am NC30 and I use Natural. I find Light too "light" on me as it is very obvious on my photos. My only problem with Natural is that it sometimes looks a bit pinkish on me, so what I do is to use a yellow-toned liquid foundation beneath it. Sometimes, I also use a little bronzer to warm up its color.

Though I did not have breakouts while using this powder, it is unlike other mineral makeups that are so pure you can sleep without removing it, so please take time to remove your makeup before going to bed. Love your skin!

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