Monday, August 31, 2009

E.L.F. Studio Angled Foundation Brush, Powder Brush and Fan Brush

I just got my E.L.F. loot from Whizdy of Girltalk. My loot includes E.L.F. Studio Powder Brush, Angled Foundation Brush and Fan Brush. I cannot wait but give a review of my haul. Though I will be giving a second round of review after I wash these brushes for perhaps 3 or 4 times. I will start by reviewing E.L.F. Studio Angled Foundation Brush.

When I ordered this one, I was actually thinking that it looks like MAC 168 because it looks the same in the photo (the difference is that MAC 168 is white and this one is black). But when I finally have it, it is indeed an angled foundation brush. It really looks like a flat foundation brush, just like E.L.F.’s foundation brush (sans the color), but the shape is slanted. The reason why I ordered this one is because I want a brush for contouring (using powder blush/bronzer). Since obviously I will not be able to use it as contouring brush for blush/bronzer, I decided to use it as, well, foundation brush with my gel foundation..

Surprisingly, I find it more efficient than my old round-edged foundation brush. With this one, I am able to reach even the corners of my face that are difficult to reach because of its angled shape. I was also able to use it as concealer brush eliminating my need for a precision concealer brush and a maximum concealer brush. This indeed simplified my foundation and concealer application.

I also tried it in applying my mineral foundation (wet application) and it works wonders, too!

Now let’s go to E.L.F.’s Powder Brush. This one is a synthetic flat top brush. I was hesitant to order this at first because I thought this is going to be a scratchy synthetic brush. But when I started using it, it is uber soft and it makes finishing powder application a lot easy. I like this more than my goat hair powder brush because this one is not scratchy at all (I will post another review after washing this bursh several times to validate its softness). The only ”con” I see with this brush is that it is not retractable and it’s a bit bulky compared to my ever reliable retractable kabuki brush.

The E.L.F. Studio Fan Brush is the last brush I was able to use from my new loot. I used this one to apply bronzer and I must say that this one is really good especially when you want to apply bronzer or blushes very lightly (in my case, I tried using G-Lish Bronzer in Caffeine Rush). This one is also good for contouring. I tried using this to contour my cheeks with Ellana Mineral Blush/Bronzer in Harmony and it really works well.

Again, these reviews are based from my initial usage of the three brushes. I will post another review once I washed these angels several times. By then, I will be able to say if these brushes are really not scratchy steals.

Hope to review other E.L.F. brushes soon!!!


  1. heehee the brushes are so cute :)
    can't wait for my loot too :p

  2. I agree! I wnna try the complexion brush, blush brush din sis!