Friday, August 7, 2009

Laneige: The Secret of Snow Crystal

Laneige at Trinoma

Finally, I was able to go to Laneige in Trinoma last Friday and I must say I was really overwhelmed. Grace, the beauty consultant who assisted me is really accommodating and nice. She even did a full makeover on me. So let’s dig in more about the products I’ve tried.

Laneige Creamy Emulsion

Since I was wearing makeup (I’m on smokey eyes mode that time), Grace removed my makeup using Laneige Creamy Emulsion. It’s a makeup remover in a pump bottle that’s good for all skin types. It’s more of a pre-cleanser for me. And I must say it really removes makeup gently without a sting. And it’s very convenient because you do not have to rinse it with water. Just wipe it off with a cotton pad and you’re all set! Plus it does not dries up my skin leaving it supple and moisturized. For Php 1,100 (100ml), this one is a good substitute for Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, at least for me.

Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof

My liquid eyeliner is a smudgeproof one and is really stubborn to take off. Grace decided then to use Laneige Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof to get rid of it. Again, I was pleased with this cleanser as it gently removes stubborn makeup without the fuzz. It does not have the chemical-infused smell that I usually smell with other eye & lip makeup removers. It’s a bit pricey for me,though. Php 850 for a 150ml bottle.

Snow Crystal Dual Foundation #31 Brown Beige

Since I am NC30 in MAC, Laneige’s equivalent is #31 Brown Beige. This is a good dual foundation because it has liquid foundie and creamy concealer in one bottle. The packaging itself amazes me as it is very convenient and hygienic. You will only expose the amount of foundation you need making it less prone to contamination.The coverage is light to medium but buildable. It has a lightweight feel. The concealer was able to cover the dark circles around my eyes though I must say it’s not long-wearing. The foundation lacks oil control for me as I see sheen on my T-zone in the afternoon (I was at Laneige during lunchtime). Php 1,800 for a 30ml.

She applied the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation with a foundation brush (Php 1,450) that’s so soft. It’s not scratchy at all. How I wish they also have a stippling brush or a dual fiber brush like MAC and its more affordable version, Charm and Suesh.

Satin Finish Loose Powder

Grace set the foundation with loose powder and pat some powder under my eyes because she was about to create back my smoky eye makeup. The Satin Finish Loose Powder has a very innovative and convenient packaging. Forgive my innocence, but this is the first time I encountered a loose powder that has a compact mirror lid (just like pressed powders!). For me, this gives this loose powder added points! So whether you’ll retouch in your car or elsewhere, you don’t have to look for a separate mirror. Just click open and retouch! Plus, Grace told me that their makeup is made of minerals (Oh, God knows how I adore mineral makeup). It also has SPF 25/PA++ so no worries about sun protection for everyday use. Their powder brush is also a large brush that’s way too soft and won’t scratch delicate skin.

Next time I go there, I will try the Snow Crystal Sliding Pact EX. The packaging is really enticing and glamorous; I hope the effect is impressive too.

Natural Brow Liner in Brown Beige

This brow definer glides easily, easy to blend and very pigmented. Just a few feathery strokes and voila! I do not have the perfect arch, but this one enhanced my eyebrows with a very natural look. The formula is a mix of cream & thick mousse in a pencil. Also, it is retractable so there’s no need to sharpen every now and then.

Moisture Lipstick in LR01

Their Moisture Lipstick has a selected number of shades. The one that I’ve triede is the Moisture Lipstick in LR01, the color is almost comparable to MAC’s Hug Me and Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Buff. The moisturizing effect keeps your lips supple and prevents chapping. I can compare its hydrating power more to MAC’s Hug Me, but its staying power is comparable to Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Buff. It must be the formulation or the shade, I do not know. I will try other shades next time!

Sheer Lipgloss in LR

This one is very nice. It is not sticky and can be worn with practicall

y any shade of lipstick. You can even wear it alone! Plus the shimmers are very tiny which adds plump to your lips.

Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

This one I must say is on top of my wishlist as of the moment. It exfoliates dead skin cells deeply but does not make your skin reddish of irritation. It’s a milder version of microdermabrasion. I also tried their Vitamin C booster prior to application of Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. The booster too is a must try. It really promotes better

exfoliation while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Water Bank Hydro Gel

I’m a big fan of gel/water-based moisturizers. My skin breaks out when I’m using cream. The thicker the cream gets, the more zits I have. That’s why I am in the search for a perfect hydrating moisturizer that’s water-based, very lightweight and most of all nourishing. Well, finally I think I found a candidate. It’s very lightweight, just like water that keeps skin supple. I did not feel any greasiness with this one, just enough hydration. It gives your skin a dewy effect. It’s gentle but tough as the cliché goes. This is another mu

st buy for me. On my next visit I will try the Water Bank Essence EX and Water Sleeping Pack.

This brand really looks promising. Their skin care and makeup is designed for Asian skin, which is a plus. I’m really getting addicted with Laneige especially with their water-based skin care products. I was delighted to see that even their cream moisturizers are very light, it looks like water, too! Plus the beauty consultants are very nice. They even give away samples when you purchase some items.

Next visit, I will try their Pore Tightening Essence, sun care products, Cleansing Oils and Snow Crystal Sliding Pact. Oh and how can I forget my favorite line, Water Bank!

More reviews of Laneige soon!

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