Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NARS Orgasm VS. Lumiere’s Ditto “O” Blush

I really cannot bear it anymore. My longing for NARS Orgasm blush is really intense that finally, last Thursday, I am so lucky to get one from Rustan’s Makati. Since I will be able to get my Lumiere Ditto “O” Blush after the long weekend (because of shipping concerns), I decided I should get NARS Orgasm so that I can sleep soundly that night. This is how impulsive I am.

When I get home and tried NARS Orgasm Blush (I got the regular blush, not The Multiple) on my cheeks, I initially thought that it doesn’t show on my NC30 skin. But after blending and layering, I was able to come up with the right pinkish glow I am dying to have. One thing I just noticed is that NARS Orgasm is less pigmented and glittery than it’s The Multiple version. For that, I am certainly buying the latter one next time. Though I am more comfortable using a blush brush in applying blushes, I feel that it’s The Multiple version is more fuzz-free and easier to apply.

When I road tested NARS Orgasm in an ordinary workday, I noticed that it gets more pink and glowing as time goes by. This makes me love NARS Orgasm more.

Monday on this week, I got my online purchase of Lumiere Ditto “O” blush from http://gettickledpink.multiply.com . As excited as I am, I removed my existing makeup and reapplied everything, but this time using Ditto “O” as my blush. I must that this one is more pigmented than NARS Orgasm because just a little amount of it made my cheeks look like flushing hot! It also has less shimmers but more frost. When you compare the two from their own containers, they really look the same in terms of color. But when I applied it, I find Ditto “O” pink-ier than NARS Orgasm.

The verdict: If I am looking for convenience and I want a glowing shimmery effect, I will use NARS Orgasm. I like it because the packaging comes with a mirror which made touch-ups so easy. But if I want something that can give me the same flush and I have the luxury of time blending and buffing, I would choose Lumiere Ditto “O”. For its price, it’s really a great value for my well earned moolah. Both give that perfect pinkish glow which will surely brighten your face when you are too lazy to do a full makeover.

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