Monday, August 24, 2009

NARS Sheer Lipstick and Lipgloss in Dolce Vita

I have been reading raves about these lippies as one of bestselling ‘My Lips But Better” from NARS. As NARS website described it, it is a dusty rose sheer lipstick that flatters practically all skin tones. And I must agree, it is a very safe shade of lippie. Lately, I find myself grabbing this one more than my MAC Viva Glam VI lippie. Luckily, the one that I got comes with a lipgloss in the same shade. When I use the lipstick and lipgloss together, the staying power is uber longlasting. I use it in the morning, eat snacks by 10:30 am then lunch at 1pm, still the color is there, only the gloss was wiped away. But when I use just the lipstick, the staying power is good but there’s a need for retouch after eating. I came to realize then that it lipgloss version is more pigmented as the color stays longer when I use it without the lipstick. But the gloss is way way stickier than the lipstick, or than any other lipgloss for that matter. Perhaps that attributes to its long staying power, it sticks to your lips much.

I read in the website that Dolce Vita has the Velvet matte Lipliner version,too! I’ve tried Velvet Matte Lip Liner in Bahama, and the staying power is nice too. I think i should try Velvet Matte Lip Liner in Dolce Vita too to see if this is an equivalent of the Dolce Vita lipstick plus lipgloss in one tube.

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