Monday, August 24, 2009

NARS Workshop at Rustan’s Heaven at the 5th

Since August 21 is a non-working holiday, I went o Rustan’s for my weekly dose of theraphy, make-up window shopping. I then remembered that Robbie, NARS’ SA in Rustan’s Makati told me that there’s a NARS workshop at 2pm that same day. Since I do not intend on buying anything for that day, I just went up at Heaven at the 5th for the workshop. We were just 10 present in the workshop and the Brand officer Pam entertained me at first. She taught me basic skin care from cleansing, toning to using a makeup primer (NARS has a nice oil-free makeup pri mer,too!). When it’s time for me to try NARS makeup, Michelle (I hope I remember the name right), the makeup artist of Laura Mercier and NARS’ consultant, took over. She recommended that i use Barcelona Oil Free Liquid Foundation in Barcelona (Php 2,550) then set it with Barcelona Powder Foundation (Php 2,750). At first i thought Barcelona is a tad dark for me but when I applied it, it’s just the right color that gives me a little tint of sunkissed look. It made my pale skin warmer a bit. She also applied concealer in Vanilla.Honey duo for my dark undereyes. Although i’m not sold at the concealer because my undereyes turned ashy in some photos.

After concealing, she proceeded with the colors. She used Kalahari Eyeshadow duo (Php 1,750) on me, as she intend to do a natural smokey-ish look. Natural because she uses browns and grays instead of blacks and silvers. Smokey-ish because of the technique she used. She also framed my face by enhancing my eyebrows with Eye Brow pencil in Ipanema (Php 1,150) which i think perfectly suits my hair color. As highlighter for my brow bone, she used the lightest shade in the Indian Summer Eyeshadow Duo. I love the way she arched my brows! It brightened my face and framed my features. She finished my eye look by lining it with Mambo Eyeliner ( a dark bronze eyeliner). I must say, this is the first time that I appreciated bronze/brown eyeliner. I always use black because some brown eyeliners makes me look like I just got out of a bad sleep. This Mambo eyeliner will definitely on my to-buy list next time.

Of course, a NARS look won’t be complete without their signature blushes. Since I told Michelle I’ve been using Orgasm for quite sometime, she used Dolce Vita Blush (Php 1,350) this time. It looks dark on the palette but when she brushed it on my cheeks, it gives me just the right glow! Oh, i am now so in-loved with all NARS items in Dolce Vita (Blush, Lipstick, lipgloss). As finishing touch, she used Bahama Velvet Matte Lip Liner and topped it with Chihuahua Lip Gloss for a little plumping effect.

I was really overwhelmed with the look she created for me so i asked Robbie to list down everything she used on me so that I can blog it out (and who knows, I might be able to buy them soon!).

After the workshop, I went around the mall and went home 4 hours after. When i got home, i rushed to the mirror to check if my makeup is still intact. And indeed, everything is still intact after 4 hours of humid exposure! Oh i am so loving NARS now, not just the blushes and the lippies. I’m starting to like even the eyeshadows and the makeup base. Plus I want to try that Velvet Matte lip Liner in Dolce Vita and Cruella! (Michelle wears Cruella then, and she is uber gorgeous with this red lippie)

Me after going around the mall for hours... Makeup still intact.


  1. You're so lucky you were able to attend their workshop!

    Following your blog now :)

  2. I know! I am looking forward to attend their upcoming workshop once more. NARS is super addicting!!! I heard there's another workshop tomorrow in Shang Tower.