Thursday, August 13, 2009

SkinFood Salmon Brightening Eye Serum & Cream

My biggest problem aside from stretch marks is my dark undereyes. Even if I sleep a lot, still, my eyes looks like those of a panda. Perhaps this is because I always scratch my eyes when I take off my contact lenses. That’s why I am in the search for an effective eye treatment, before I desperately call for a miracle.

When I went to SF to try some BB creams way back in July, the SA noticed my dark underyes, too. She recommended that I use their new line of products specifically designed for the eyes, the SF Salmon line. She gave me the SF Salmon Eye Brightening Serum and SF Salmon Eye Brightening Cream. She also applied the SF Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream on me but I was not able to evaluate it because my focus that time was the BB cream. Anyways, I will just go and check this concealer again when I get back as I am hearing nice reviews about it.

SF Salmon Eye Brightening Serum

This eye serum glides on easily on my eyes. It is not sticky at all. However, after a few hours, I feel a sting in my eyes. After a weeks use, I haven’t seen any changes.

SF Salmon Eye Brigthening Cream

This one is a little sticky for me. Though the creamy formulation is not that thick, I find it heavy for my eyelids. It stings my eyes, too!

The search for my perfect eye cream continues…


  1. hi sis, lelila here from GT.

    this serum was recommended to me by the SA at SF Mega, that time I was checking the salmon concealer. she told me that Im better off with the serum so it can eliminate or at least reduce my undereye circles.

    when i asked her for how long, she told me to give it at least a month or two. this sample is good for how many days lang?

  2. yah, it might work if you use it for a month. the samples she gave me are good for a week's use lang that's why I haven't seen any result. But because it stings my eyes, I did not buy na the full size sis. =)

  3. One sample is good for a week's use lang? I want to try it kasi. I have the same prob. I always scratch my eyes after removing my contact lenses kasi. :/

    Tell me once you've found an effective eye cream. :)